Don’t Know What to Wear For Your Date?

Not knowing what to wear for a date is every girl’s struggle. Fret no more. We bring you 14 date outfit ideas that will surely leave a great date impression from head to toe.

date outfit ideas 1

This cute sunflower dress is perfect for a warm sunny day. It’s comfortable to wear and appropriate for daytime. Wear a cute dress like this when you have plans of hanging out one morning.

Why don’t you try walking around the park and have a photo walk? The environment is full of beauty and life.  A guy will always like a girl who appreciates her surroundings instead of being plain vain.


date outfit ideas 2

This look is perfect for a hot-drink date. You should wear something like this, not so bright and flashing, just before the temperature starts to drop. Do something cute with your hair so he would know you prepared yourself for the date.

This is also a pretty look from the café or the library to romantic dinner.


date outfit ideas 3

This comfortable look – a basic white shirt and black trousers is for when you both will have a movie marathon date at home.

There will be days you both will be lazy to get out of the house. One of you will actually blurt out this idea that has been one of the most traditional dates ever done.

date outfit ideas 4

I know some of us would oversleep because we simply worry about the following day; thinking what to wear, what to do, how to act, making beautiful scenarios in your bed and upon waking up, you still don’t know what to wear.

But here’s a simple outfit that will make him think you’re way too cool and adorable.

Just add random accessories, a statement hat and boots then you’re good to go.


date outfit ideas 5

Wearing these lace top and fern-printed shorts is only suitable when you go on a beach date, a corn maze or a road trip. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and instead of wearing heavy makeup, just use waterproof mascara for your lashes and a long-lasting lipstick for that simple pop of color on your face.


date outfit ideas 6

If you two are going on a shopping date, simple top and cozy jeans for walking around stores will do. It will be easier to get in and out of them when you’re trying on clothes. You can substitute shorts for this if you prefer.

Make yourself standout with sleek heels and a colorful scarf.


date outfit ideas 7

Going to the pub to have a couple of drinks and some delicious fish and chips?

This look is a combination of sexy, tough and girly.


date outfit ideas 8

Big black hat, plaid shirt over a simple tank top and some jeans and you’re good to go for your brunch and a visit at the local art gallery.


date outfit ideas 9

Work out date? I know you will sweat like crazy but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear cute clothes to the gym. Just make sure they are something you’re comfortable in wearing and not something that’s hard to move around to.

Make sure to take off your entire face make up. Who even wears make when working out? It will leave you with breakouts and blemishes.


date outfit ideas 10

If you two are going on a sports date, like arcades, bowling or mini-golf, you would want to wear something appealing and fashionable. This high-waisted acid wash denim jeans is perfect with a cool printed t-shirt. Pair them with your favorite creepers.

Don’t wear skirts, high heels and wedges when going to do some sports. You might stumble and fall and that’s not a very good look on a girl.


date outfit ideas 11

Going out for dinner but not sure what to dress in? A white or black jumpsuit paired with snazzy heels and a classic handbag will do the trick.

It’s important not to wear too much jewelry with this look. Minimalism done the right and sexy way.


date outfit ideas 12

Does he have a special dinner with his workmates and you’re suddenly invited? Wear a simple dress that is appropriate for the event. You would want to make a good impression on his colleagues.

And you would want to look like a woman with elegance. Observe the table and see if they’re too formal or if they’re joking around. You would want to fit in with them.

This look is also fitting to wear to operas or plays.


date outfit ideas 13

Are you guys going to a music festival or an amusement park? This ensemble is effortless but chic. Instead of wearing sneakers, wear cowboy boots for a more festival feel.

Add a turban or any type of hair accessory to compliment your entire look.


date outfit ideas 14

Hitting the flea market but don’t know what to wear? Here’s a good combination of chic and cozy.

Flea markets have the weirdest things being sold and there’s without a doubt a moment where you wouldn’t laugh at the seller’s items. You would want to have a great time, walking around and exploring each piece you deem fascinating, so it’s only right to dress the for comfort.