Disneyland Outfit Ideas

outfit ideas to wear to disneyland 11Going to Disneyland is a privilege and many people suggest to dress like it. Now is not the time to wear your favorite pair of jeans and expensive pair of shoes because it’s going to get wet, dirty and it will not look that great anymore. When it comes to theme parks, dressing comfortable and cute is key. It will make you feel like your outfit is put together. Also, dressing up is an advantage when taking pictures. Would you rather look dazed and messed up instead of dazed but dressed up?

Check out our list of tips on how to dress to Disneyland as well as some important things to take with you to the biggest theme park in the world.


outfit ideas to wear to disneyland 1Check what the weather would be when you head to the park. When you’re heading there on a summer day, expect high temperatures and a bit of humidity. So dress accordingly. You can wear shorts, tank-tops or tees. Wearing 100% cotton is a great choice to wear to the park.


outfit ideas to wear to disneyland 2Get your tickets in advance to save some time waiting in the ticket line. You can buy it online and there are some discounts on tickets which you can find online.


outfit ideas to wear to disneyland 3Dubbed as “The Happiest Place on Earth”, Disney is certainly no fashion capital but there’s just no reason for you to throw all of your fashion sense down the drain. If you don’t want to go all out (by wearing Disney-related tops/accessories/etc), you can wear your own simple and cute clothes.


outfit ideas to wear to disneyland 4If you need a bag to carry all your things, a fanny pack is not the thing you should use. You could opt for a nice fringe bag that has zippers or a cute messenger bag which you don’t mind getting wet when you’re going to be riding wet attractions.


outfit ideas to wear to disneyland 5There’s going to be a ton of walking so might as well wear something comfortable. Be prepared for the rain, the spray of ketchup, everything.


outfit ideas to wear to disneyland 6It’s best to keep it casual. A simple grey tee paired with a nice skirt or shorts is the way to do it.


outfit ideas to wear to disneyland 7A hat is for sun protection. Also, it will feel like it keeps your ensemble pulled together. It will keep you from fussing with your hair the entire day.


outfit ideas to wear to disneyland 8Pack light and smart. Bring a cardigan or light jacket which can easily be stored inside your bag. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, sunglasses and medicine as well, just in case of emergency. It would also be beneficial to carry a granola bar and a water bottle with you just in case you get hungry or weak.


outfit ideas to wear to disneyland 9A change of clothes is also something you should bring. You can keep those in a locker so you don’t have to walk around wet after water rides. Don’t forget to bring extra pair of socks as well.


outfit ideas to wear to disneyland 10If you want to get into Disney spirit, there are a ton of stalls there offering Disney-related accessories like Mickey-ears, Minnie-bow, etc.