Discover Outfits That Make You Look Right At The Summer Job Interview

Whether you like it or not, first impressions matter, especially in job interviews. And while your personality, professionalism, and experience should be the most important, your attire can go a long way in setting you apart from other applicants. Now, that’s not to say that your outfit should be the focal point, but it can help convey that you’re professional even before you speak.

Here are some outfit ideas for a summer job interview…

suit for the summer job interview

Choose a suit that is made of light-weight fabric, such as wool or cotton. Choose blue, gray or a lighter-colored suit. Stay away from black, which is usually somber. Stay away from linen, which has a tendency to wrinkle very quickly. This might result in your outfit looking poorly put together or slovenly.

dress for the summer job interview

Or else, you can also wear a dress instead of a suit for your summer job interview. The dress should only be sleeveless if you plan to wear a suit jacket with it. The dress’s skirt length should reach your knees. Choose a neutral or muted color. Do not wear a wild or overly colorful print, unless you are in a design or highly creative field.

white culottes for the summer job interview

White Culottes – We all know how trendy culotte pants are right now, and almost every fashion publication is showcasing how to style them. Sadly, you cannot match these fabulous pants with the cute bralette like the model above if you want to be interview-appropriate. But you can pair them with a nice chiffon or linen top to dress them up even more. Plus, these pants are so breezy that you won’t be breaking a sweat in them.

wide leg pants for the summer job interview

Wide Leg Pants – You might want to avoid pants in the summer. But if you want to wear pants to an interview, they have to be wide leg pants. These bottoms are as breezy and fashionable as culottes. I am loving the contrast waistband, too, because it adds a little more flare to your look. Plus, these pants can be paired with almost any top and shoe combination.

floral top for the summer job interview

Floral Top – This print is a bit bold for someone who is going to a standard business interview. However, this top would be perfect for a more creative or liberal position at a lifestyle magazine or start-up. The floral print is breathtaking without being too over the top, and the short sleeves are a perfect alternative to the typical long sleeved tops of the colder months. Your interviewer will certainly remember you when you wear this.

family heirloom for the summer job interview

If you’d like to express your personal style at the summer job interview, do so through accessories, such as a family heirloom, a special ring or even a unique brooch, especially if your whole look leans towards classic and tailored.

skirt with top for the summer job interview

A cute dress, or a great skirt with a stylish top and necklace will always work.

midi skirt for the summer job interview

A great rule of thumb when dressing for a summer interview is to keep your shapes and silhouettes classic and simple. You can go for a midi skirt with a silk or cotton blouse, paired with a great closed-toe slide. Bold colors and summer patterns look most appropriate on a classic silhouette, such as a pencil skirt.

shift dress for the summer job interview

Shift dresses, which are “classic and conservative, but also modern,” are great alternatives for the summer job interview.

suit jacket for the summer job interview

Wear a suit jacket with a dress. If you opt for a dress, you can still pair this with a suit jacket to complete your look. You can also wear a tasteful belt around your waist with the suit jacket. However, this might limit your ability to take off your suit jacket while you are traveling to your interview.

silk scarf for the summer job interview

Leave the dressy scarf at home. During the rest of the year, you might pair a dressy silk scarf with your outfit for the job interview in the summer. But in the summer, this added layer will probably be too much and add to the heat that your body might already be feeling.

suede pumps for the summer job interview

Suede Pumps – Black, leather pointed-toe pumps are the traditional interview shoe for most women. Let’s switch it up by wearing faux suede pumps in a light brown shade. Nude is more seasonal-appropriate for the summer than black. Plus, suede is known to decrease the amount of sweat your feet produce. Let’s keep our feet dry in style this summer ladies.

coral dress for the summer job interview

A-Line Dress – Play with color a little by rocking this beautiful coral dress to your next interview. It shows that you are more of a risk taker in terms of style since you are not wearing black. Plus, this color is so much fun for the warmer season.

shirt and black trouser for the summer job interview

When the office dress code is no dress code, don’t be afraid to have a little fun with your interview attire. Keep the feeling professional with a crisp blouse or shirt and black trousers, but look for not-so-basic silhouettes, like a non-girly ruffle or two and structured bag that can hold your portfolio. That “notice me” finishing touch? A pair of sculptural earrings or necklace might do the trick.

shirtdress for the summer job interview

For a Corporate Casual Interview – Want to lock your interview outfit down with a one-and-done piece? A shirtdress with a full pleated skirt strikes the ideal balance of summer weather-friendly and office-appropriate. Flats are okay for interviews in our book too, just make sure your accessories are reigned in: Think a men’s watch and standout leather bag in an unexpected color.

flats for the summer job interviewCute Flats – Try to avoid heels as much as possible for the interview. Adorable flats are a great alternative to heels and your feet will certainly thank you. Also, you don’t have to wear socks, so your feet will stand less chance of sweating.

sleeveless chiffon top for the summer job interview

Sleeveless Chiffon Top – Sleeveless chiffon tops are the best tops to wear to a job interview in the summer. The lightweight material is great for the scorching temperatures while still being considered business-casual. These kinds of blouses come in a variety of colors, which means you can play around with the look. Go grab some chiffon blouses ladies!

jewelry for the summer job interview

Choose understated jewelry – Jewelry should not be distracting either to someone’s eyes or ears. If your jewelry is clanking around, your interviewer might spend more time concentrating on that than on your responses to their questions. If you are in a design or highly creative industry, you may be able to wear jewelry with a little more panache. Go with the norms in your industry, and if you’re unsure, err on the side of caution.