Different Ways to Wear the Zombie Costume

When a zombie apocalypse happens, there’s only two things you need to do- it’s either you beat them or you join them. If you want to beat them, transform into a putrid being with different ways to wear the zombie costume.

Beat the zombies by blending in. Go with a squad or with your zombie man and learn how to terrifyingly walk, talk and look the part.


Convict Zombie Costume


Make everybody shake in fear wearing this frightening zombie Halloween costume that gives a killer look that’s to die for.


Zombie Bloody Nun Adult Costume

zombie-halloween-costume-idea-for-women-1No one is safe from the zombie curse this Halloween so be excited to resurrect from the dead wearing this horrifying wardrobe.


Zombie Cheerleader Costume

zombie-halloween-costume-idea-for-women-1Are you a big fan of the hit TV show The Walking Dead? Most of us can’t get enough of it. Throw a zombie party wearing this decaying zombie costume.


Prom Queen Zombie Halloween Costume

zombie-halloween-costume-idea-for-women-1A prom costume of a homecoming queen that nobody wants to mess with- imagine the horror on the party goers’ faces when you don this devilishly grotesque getup.


Zombie Housewife Costume

zombie-halloween-costume-idea-for-women-1Sometimes, it’s murder when it comes to life in the suburbs. It’s not always pastel picket fences. Seek revenge on the mean moms and ex-husband in this zombie housewife wardrobe.


Sexy Zombie Nurse Costume

zombie-halloween-costume-idea-for-women-1This zombie nurse costume doesn’t need a bachelor’s degree in nursing to become a nurse. This ensemble is a great way to be scary and sexy at the same time.


Zombie School Girl Costume

zombie-halloween-costume-idea-for-women-1A zombie school girl doesn’t need to worry about exams, assignments and extracurricular activities. They only fret about consuming flesh and carving out a swath of horror in their course. Dress up in this getup for a jaw-dropping outfit this Halloween.


Fairytale Princess Zombie Costume

zombie-halloween-costume-idea-for-women-1Snow White got infected with the zombie virus. She isn’t the fairest of them all now since she’s just wandering across the town devouring flesh of the living beings. Don’t worry about the dwarfs, they already transformed into zombies too.


Zombie Bride Women’s Costume

zombie-halloween-costume-idea-for-women-1Most women get married while they’re still alive. Although At times, you don’t get to find the man of your dreams right after you’ve been infected with zombie virus.  Don’t let the virus stop you from marrying him so wear this zombie bride costume.


Zombie Southern Belle Adult Costume

zombie-halloween-costume-idea-for-women-1The casket is no place for a beautiful southern belle. Crawl out of it and walk into the open arms of your ladies and family in this zombie southern belle dress.


Zombie Sailor Girl Costume

zombie-halloween-costume-idea-for-women-1This sailor sails the sea and wanders searching for her long, lost love. Sometimes, she looks for fresh flesh and blood too. Just because you don’t have a pulse, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the Halloween party in this zombie sailor girl costume.

Figured out how you’re going to wear your zombie costume this Halloween? Have fun being a decaying being on the 31st!


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