Different Shades of Orange Tops for Women

orange top 9
While orange had a bad rep in the past, it’s one of the colors that plays a major role for fall. Not to mention that it is one of the dominant colors for spring and summer 2016. You might not know it yet but orange looks so good with so many colors.

There are so many shades of orange that in order for you to look in it, you just need to pick the kind of orange that will suit your complexion.


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Pair your mango-colored top with anything that is pink. Mango is a fun, flirty and lighter shade of orange that represents spring and summer.


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The coral orange is richer than mango orange. Best way to compliment the coral color is by mixing it with turquoise.


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There’s also a nice blend of bright orange and dark red and that is blood orange. Gold works best with blood orange.


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The pumpkin orange is something that’s very appropriate for fall. It’s the color the represents fall and the changing of seasons. You know what works best with this warm color? Something in the beige family.


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Tangerine is vibrant and attention-grabbing. Pair it with cobalt blue or yellow bottoms.


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A warm, dusty apricot shade of orange is marigold. It will look best with anything navy.


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Rust is the perfect shade of orange that’s appropriate for fall and winter. It will look great with different shades of brown.


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Burnt orange is a kind of orange that’s similar to fire. It will look great with black.