Date Accessories and Purse Must-Haves

Being ready with travel-sized tools, essentials and treats inside your bag are very important when you’re going on a date. Keep your bag well-stocked with these purse must-haves for dates!

date must haves and accessories 1

First on the list – a trust-worthy lipstick. We’ve all tried that lipstick that wears off after a few bites of a sandwich and it will totally suck if you arrive with your date with bold colored lips and after eating, you look all pale because it’s gone. One of the things guys notice first on women are their lips. So invest in a good one. For high end brands, we recommend the MAC Pro-Long LipWear and Kat Von D Everlasting Love Liquid Lipsticks and for drugstore, try out the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. To make it last even longer, first apply lip liner on your lips before applying your lipstick, then blot it on a tissue paper, add another layer of lipstick then powder off your lips. This will keep your lipstick last for hours.

date must haves and accessories 2

It’s such a turn-off not having fresh breath – the biggest date deal breaker. Obviously you can’t possibly brush your teeth even after munching. Your solution is peppermints. They’re also good mood boosters, reducing the feeling of stress.

date must haves and accessories 33

There’s nothing alluring and feminine about whipping out a compact on a date. It’s also a great way to check your teeth, your lipstick and fix your hair. Some guys’ turn-on includes a girl looking at the mirror, putting on some lipstick and smiling to herself in the mirror.

date must haves and accessories 4

Not only can a hairspray be actually helpful when it comes to your messy hair, it will serve as a security device, just when you think your date’s a creep. When you just really want it to help with your hair, we recommend the TIGI Bed Head Superstar Spray. It’s a volumizing hairspray and although it lasts all day, just make sure to carry one with you.

date must haves and accessories 5

A perfume or a body spray is one of the things you can’t forget before heading to your date. Whether it’d be a roller ball perfume or a spray, it’s a nice and easy touch-up to make you smell good, giving you that extra boost of confidence you might need. Wearing one is a fun way to show your individuality. Plus, he might remember you when he happens to stumble upon the same scent with a random person. We’ve talked to a few guys and asked what some of their favorite smells on the gals are. They like something with vanilla, soft wood, floral-y, powdery scents.  Very Sexy by Victoria Secret, Burberry Weekend for Her, Black Orchid by Tom Ford, Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Secret Obsession by Calvin Klein.


When it comes to wearing accessories, one piece is ideal because if you wear too much, you’ll seem high maintenance and we wouldn’t want that. Here are some simple accessories you might like to wear on your date.

date must haves and accessories 66Sometimes, when you think that there’s something lacking around your face, trying out necklaces but nothing seem to work – you may want to try on some hoop earrings. These will help frame your face. So wear a pair with your hair tied up in a bun.

date must haves and accessories 7

A sophisticated-looking watch is very versatile. You can wear it whenever and wherever. Invest in a good brand.

date must haves and accessories 8

Lulu’s and ASOS have this very simple and cute multi-layered necklace. It’s super easy to wear and style. Layered necklace will totally make you look fab without exerting too much effort.

date must haves and accessories 9

Midi rings are the bomb! You can wear at least a few of them on your knuckles.

date must haves and accessories 10

Lastly, who doesn’t like pretty nails? Go to your date with freshly manicured nails. Stick to colors that are not too flashy because guys aren’t really big fans of those, unless they’re artists.