Cute and Sexy Disney Costume Ideas for Halloween

With the exciting holiday just around the corner, people have started to look for outfits to wear for this coming Halloween.

Have you decided what you’re going to be? A zombie? A vampire?

If not yet, you can never go wrong with going as a Disney character. Add your own flare to the ensemble. Below are some Disney costume ideas for you to become this Halloween and other costume parties for the whole year round.



Belle from Beauty and the Beast Disney Costume

disney-halloween-costumes-1Transform into a beautiful Disney princess costume. Tale as old as time, you will fall madly in love with this gorgeous Belle gown from Beauty and the Beast. With a new movie of this classic tale coming out starring Emma Watson, everybody will certainly turn their heads towards you.


Anna from Frozen

disney-halloween-costumes-1Set out on a mission to rescue your sister by dressing up as the lovable Anna from Disney’s Frozen. Make sure you’re ready for anything and greet the world in this lovable Anna costume. You’ll surely live the royal life any day of the year.


Cruella DeVille from 101 Dalmatians

disney-halloween-costumes-1This devilish dame will never stop anything to get on her way. Show off your style in this sexy Cruella apparel and you’ll without a doubt be one wicked vixen. Complete the look with a two-toned wig.


Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

disney-halloween-costumes-1Make your fairytale dreams come true by wearing this stunning Sleeping Beauty fashion. This beautiful pink dress will make you feel like a real Disney princess. Life outside the castle walls is so thrilling.


Jasmine from Aladdin

disney-halloween-costumes-1Have a queue of princes waiting to ask for your hand in marriage in this cute Jasmine outfit that is sure to catch Aladdin’s eye. Are you ready for a magic carpet ride? A genie isn’t even required to become your favorite Disney character for this Halloween or anytime of the year.


Tinker Bell from Peter Pan

disney-halloween-costumes-1Fairies are magical and exquisite beings. Follow Peter Pan on his escapades in this sizzling fairy Tinker Bell costume. This ensemble is pure magic. Join the other Disney fairies on their newest adventure wearing this cute outfit.


Jessie from Toy Story

disney-halloween-costumes-1Playful and charming, Jessie from Disney’s Toy Story is one of the most lovable characters. She steals the spotlight from Woody and Buzz. Make Buzz fall in love with this Jessie style.



disney-halloween-costumes-1Let your hair down this Halloween in this Rapunzel costume. Come down from your tower dressed as your favorite Disney princess. Sing songs in taverns or go see the festival of lights. Live like royalty who’s out to have fun.


Minnie Mouse

disney-halloween-costumes-1You can never be too old to dress up as a mousekeeter. Bring your favorite Disney character to life with this super endearing red and white polka dot Minnie Mouse getup.


Evil Queen from Snow White

disney-halloween-costumes-1Just one crunch into an apple then the person will be under your evil spell. Transform into this Disney villain evil queen for Halloween from the classic Snow White movie.



disney-halloween-costumes-1Curse those who simply can’t understand you. Be one of Disney’s most well-known villains, Maleficent. Sometimes it’s extremely enjoyable to take part as the villain. Fairytale is now over so go forward and perform your evil plans in this Maleficent ensemble.


Whether you’re going as a Disney princess or villain, these Disney costumes will surely keep you covered for Halloween.

Who are you going to be this Halloween?


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