Cute Beach Booty Shorts

Going on a beach holiday? Here are a couple of beach booty shorts with cute tops and other beach outfits inspirations that will surely make you look sizzling under the scorching sun.

beach booty shorts 1

Here’s a quintessential “shorts and top” kind of look.

beach booty shorts 2

Denim shorts are the most common bottoms to wear in the beach. It’s comfy, versatile and very easy to mix and match.

beach booty shorts 3

Rock a pair of denim shorts with a halter top or a bikini top.

beach booty shorts 4

Here’s an idea to style your solid-colored shorts – you’ll never go wrong with a lace top.

beach booty shorts 6

This look is also perfect when going out on town on a hot summer day.

beach booty shorts 5

You must have some “relaxed” shorts in your closet. It could be a beautiful colored cotton shorts which is so comfy to wear with a cute top like this one.  just dress it more up with accessories.

beach booty shorts 7

A fun and floral top like this adds a little pop of color to your overall clean look. Pair your lace shorts with beautiful sandals and you’re done.

beach booty shorts 9

Sometimes, all you need are a pair of shorts with a nice shape and subtle prints.

beach booty shorts 10

Another style to bring to the beach is a kimono. If you’re a bit conscious of your arms, here’s a way to cover them up. Style your pastel gradient shorts with a bright kimono over your top.

beach booty shorts 8

Floral shorts is a must-have!