Cute Backpacks for Little Kids

backpack for kids 10When you shop for your little one’s backpack, what exactly are you looking for? Sturdiness or style? If both, we guarantee you that the bags we’ve found will definitely make them go to school.


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Little boys are really into superheroes. If he’s a big batman fan, then this backpack is for him. The inside of the bag is spacious which is great for plenty of notebooks and even for a laptop. It’s sturdy and simply a cool backpack that will make his friends jealous.


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This animal print bag is for those kids who are animal lovers. This bag has the chosen animal print on the bag. The overall bag has pockets on the side that’s great to store snacks and drinks in. in the main compartment will fit folders, papers and even a lunchbox.


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This super cool Lego ninja go backpack is a multipurpose bag with closure to protect all of his belongings. It has draw cord straps to carry as a backpack and can be slung over the shoulder as well. You can even use it to carry his toys and gear to school, play dates and many more.


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Your little boy will definitely love this backpack and can’t wait to use for this school year. It’s very cute and has a unique style unlike the other one in the stores this year. It’s a cool molded chest Spiderman backpack.


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Match your little girl’s personality with this fun and colorful butterfly backpack. It is a sturdy backpack that’s great for young children to use for school, camp and even for travelling.


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An adorable quilted backpack that’s perfect for any toddler. It can be personalized for added cuteness. It’s also suitable for carrying everywhere.


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Purple and pink is such a girly color and there’s no doubt your little one wouldn’t love this. Plus, the glittery cat gives a nice touch.


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This is super fluffy – plush puppy with glitter ears and plush detailing on zippers. It’s pink, sparkly and furry that it’s definitely a keeper.