Cute Baby OOTDs

Every time we see babies in super cute outfits, we tend to get that shivery, teeth-gritting delight with a strong desire to lay our hands on them while trying very hard to restrain ourselves from doing so.

Whether it’d be for baby fashion-related outfit ideas for your little ones or if you just want to lift up your spirit from being extremely exhausted today, we have a couple of photos of cute babies with absolutely adorable looks that’s going to make you wish you have a baby (or two) and dress them up however you wish. We’re pretty sure you’re ready to post collaged photos of them on Instagram with these helpful hashtags #babyootd #cutebabyootd #littlefashionist.

cute baby ootd dresses 1

Printed leggings, colored shirt over a chambray shirt. Is that Uggs she’s wearing? How adorable is she?

cute baby ootd dresses 2

A lady in the making with her long-sleeved shirt and a dark blue midi skirt. Don’t forget the eye-catching metallic laced up shoes and bib necklace. I’m pretty sure the grownups could pull off a look like this too.

cute baby ootd dresses 8

Well, here’s a vintage look that is absolutely delightful. That little bow tie and matching vest and trousers completed the entire look.

cute baby ootd dresses 3

This little baby hipster looks so charming with his simple gray shirt, printed trousers and Converse low-cuts. The hipster look was achieved together with the fedora and glasses.

cute baby ootd dresses 10

Adorable outfit! Purple sequined dress with a bow hair band and cow-printed tights.

cute baby ootd dresses 5

She looks like she’s going to an important meeting but then you see her with a pacifier. This look is utterly endearing, especially the leather pants. I hope she’s comfortable with it.

cute baby ootd dresses 7

He looks like he just woke up. A denim polo shirt with white pants and brown leather boots – a look common for laidback men – totally works on this little guy. Adorbs!

cute baby ootd dresses 15

We have little Blair Waldorf over here with matching preppy outfit and a cape. Charming baby girl!


cute baby ootd dresses 13

Little rebel over here with his Ramones tee, jeans, classic Vans, beanie and his oh-so-very cool leather jacket.

cute baby ootd dresses 16

Floral jumpsuit and side-swept hair?  Lovely little girl!

cute baby ootd dresses 14

Cool look from this little guy with his trainers, baseball shirt and varsity jacket!

cute baby ootd dresses 4

But this little girl in her white t-shirt and cheetah print mini skirt? This entire outfit is to die for. She’s too cute with the headscarf and her mommy’s sunglasses.