Cute and Quirky Printed Tights for Girls

tights 9Many girls enjoy the array of styles with vivid colors, creative prints and patterns tights give to make the outfits more interesting. While some would rather use plain and neutral ones, tights can be a bit easy to get wrong especially when you’re wearing a patterned one which can draw attention to problem areas.


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One thing to consider when purchasing patterned tights is to consider when the time of year you’re going to wear them. We all know sheer and thin patterned tights will give an outfit that much-needed update but it won’t provide any warmth.


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Tights that are much denser in color will give you more warmth, best to wear during the colder months. Most are made of thick, wool or jersey, while some are made from cotton and lace fabrics for comfort and covering.


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If you’re going to wear patterned tights, make sure you get the right fit that suits you. Never wear anything too small because it will only make you look distorted. Wearing baggy ones will also make you look very uncomfortable.


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Your tights should be smooth, free of any wrinkles or bulges.


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Sheer tights have patterns like fishnets and polka dots. They are great to use if you need an extra texture to your outfit especially when bold and bright colors aren’t appropriate. Try choosing small repeating patterns to create a subtle look.


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While if your outfit consists of bold colors, then try wearing tights that are in dark hues to avoid looking too over-the-top.


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You can even tone down an outfit by wearing tights in formal settings and can look daring and bold in your casual outfits.


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It’s a nice way to spice up a simple outfit, especially if you’re feeling a bit quirky. Mixing prints by wearing patterned tights in neutral shades and pair it with a printed outfit.