Cute and Creative Matching Costumes for Halloween with your Best Friend

best friend halloween costume 10
Make this year’s Halloween memorable by matching with your best friend. It’s always fun to wear matching costumes so people wouldn’t forget you and just for the sake of being creative. Check out some of our ideas below.


best friend halloween costume 1Snow White and Evil Queen
Snow White costume / Evil Queen costume
Look sweet and wickedly sexy in a Snow White and Evil Queen costume. If you’re not up for this duo, choose another Disney protagonist and antagonist.


best friend halloween costume 2Peter Pan and Tinkerbell
Peter Pan costume / Tinkerbell costume
But who doesn’t like Peter Pan and Tinkerbell? There’s a Peter Pan costume for women, don’t worry about it. For the kids at heart, you should definitely go with these.


best friend halloween costume 3Marvel’s Captain America and Black Widow
Captain America / Purchase it here
Maybe you guys are fans of superheroes. Try out this woman’s Captain America costume and Black Widow. Either way, both heroes are sexy. No need to fuss who will be who because both of you will be oozing with sex appeal.

best friend halloween costume 4Sexy Police Women
Sexy Police costume / Sexy Police costume
You girls feeling bold? Sport a sexy police woman costume for Halloween. Help each other out in putting on this skin-tight costume. The both of you shall definitely be the stars of the night.


best friend halloween costume 5Toy Story
Toy Story costume / Toy Story costume
Here’s another Disney costume for the kids at heart. A Jessie from Toy Story costume.


best friend halloween costume 6Red Queen and Alice
Red Queen costume / Alice costume
Alice in Wonderland is such a popular Disney movie and story. Sport the Red Queen and an Alice costume for Halloween to achieve a sweet yet sultry look.


best friend halloween costume 71920s Women
Flapper costume / Flapper costume
When in doubt, go with a vintage-inspired costume like this one. Pretend that you guys are from the 1920s in furs, cigarettes and straight-cut dresses with stockings.


best friend halloween costume 8Hippie
Hippie / Hippie
Do you love colors? It’s a great way to incorporate your colorful wardrobe into a hippie costume for Halloween. Think of flower power and peace signs.