Color of the Moment: Marine Green

marine green pieces 11

Well, green is such a nice color. When you wear green pieces, it makes a nice pop of color to complete your outfit. The trendy color of the moment is marine green and you’re in luck because we have gathered some of the trendiest pieces that will be very easy to style with your other wardrobe essentials. Check them out below.


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This beautiful pleated maxi dress could have looked great during summer, but that doesn’t mean you can wear it for fall and winter. This dress has an elegant style making it suitable for formal events such as weddings, anniversaries and corporate events.


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Complete your outfit with a marine green petite cross-body bag, perfect for every day, dates and many more. It has soft leather with a sweeping fringe on the front. The hardware is polished with a front pocket and a zip top that opens to a lined, single-pocket interior.


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Swap your regular blue skinny jeans with this mint green jeans. You can fold it at the bottom to achieve ankle-length skinny jeans or leave it as is. It has a nice slim silhouette, showcasing your lengths and curves.


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Dress up your boring work-wear with this pretty satchel handbag that can double as a cross-body bag. The color just screams fall.


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For your simple and plain tops, you can wear this marine green rose-print full skirt for a stylish look.


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These wedge-pump slip-ons are comfortable, casual yet a little bit dressy that can be one of your trusted pair for everyday chic style.


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If you’re going on a trip or somewhere that requires you to bring so much, this parker backpack is for you. It has a slim silhouette along with a diagonal zipper and a pleated front pocket.


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Flaunt your curves with a peplum top with a v-neckline. It has a fitted waist and is a knit blouse and will go with white jeans or black jeans.


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If you’re bored of your black, silver and gold wristwatch and would want something bold and something that will definitely make a statement – here’s a green leather band with gold-tone stainless steel with sparkling bezel.