College Interview Outfit Ideas and Tips for Boys

Dress up nicely and show the college you’re applying for that you’re serious about attending their school. The more prestigious the university is, the more you would want to dress well.  By showing respect to an institution, all you need to do is dress in a smart way.

There are no rules when it comes to wear to a college interview. No need to wear a suit and tie. You’ll get an idea what to wear if you think about the school and program you’re applying for.

If you’re still confused and don’t want to mess up your look for the interview, call their admissions office. They would tell you what typical interviewees wear.

Don’t even think of wearing hats, flip-flops, sneakers, graphic shirts and jeans to the interview.

Iron your clothes the night before your interview. Don’t go to your interview with wrinkled close because it gives them the wrong impression about your ambitions.

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If you have piercings, take it off nights before your scheduled interview. Jewelry shouldn’t be distracting to the person who will conduct your interview. Metals and other bling-blings are eye-catching and distracting at the same time.

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If you have tattoos, cover them. The admissions officers don’t want to see that huge “death” word on your skin. Anything that is violent, racist or explicit should be covered.

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When you think of college interviews, think of business casual. You shirt preference should always be a white button down shirt. Think of buttons and a collar always.

Other shirt alternatives could be pastels like a pale pink, pale yellow or pale blue. Wear a nice polo shirt or a short-sleeve button down dress shirt.

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Interviewers would never expect you to a wear a suit at all. When you’re, however, applying to a business program, wear something business-like. You can also wear a long-sleeve dress shirt or a nice sweater when it’s cold.

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For neckties, choose silk and striped that are inexpensive but very simple-looking. The tie will add a pop of color to your look. A tie is okay but isn’t always necessary.  If you wear a tie, make sure you wear it with a nice shirt and trousers, making sure the pattern on the tie fit them.

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A fit pair of slacks is will work just fine. if you’re wearing a dark blue coat, match it with lighter-colored pants like mocha or light grey.

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Khakis are also acceptable. You can choose between black or dark brown.

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Wearing a belt dresses up your entire outfit. it also keeps your trousers in place.

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Wear polished shoes. Not sneakers, trainers or sandals. Dress shoes are important. You must have at least one pair of them in your shoe rack.

If you’re going to wear socks, wear black ones.

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Keep your hairstyle neat and simple. Apply a little amount of moose or gel to hold your hair in place.

Shave your beard and cut your hair, if needed. Also make sure that your fingernails are clean. You will be shaking the interviewer’s hands so it’s important to keep them clean.

Avoid wearing heavy-scented perfumes. Some people have a sensitive sense of smell.

Be confident and answer each question truthfully. Wear a smile and thank the admissions officer for his or her time.