Coachella Roadtrip Outfit Ideas (with Playlists)

coachella roadtrip outfit ideas 11Doesn’t it suck not being able to attend one of the biggest musical festivals in the world? You can still feel that Coachella vibe. Get on the open highway, blast off a playlist of the official Coachella 2015 lineup and wear these amazing outfit ideas that will make you feel like you’ve just attended this special event. Bring your friends, head to the beach, and light up a bonfire, grill marshmallows, drink a couple of beers and dance to these songs.


coachella roadtrip outfit ideas 1Pair any printed shorts or skirts with a plain white top and sandals for that music festival laid-back vibe.


coachella roadtrip outfit ideas 2If you have dark printed pants, then pair it with dark pieces as well – simple dark top, black bag and black creepers.


coachella roadtrip outfit ideas 3But who could forget about kimonos? They are absolutely versatile, can instantly update a boring outfit. Also, it’s a great cover up. It’s stylish, comes in different prints and lengths. Unlike a jacket, it’s pretty easy to move around in it.


coachella roadtrip outfit ideas 4If you’re going to be wearing a bralette, add a bit of boldness and edge into it with a layered and statement necklace. It’ll make your look completely special than just leaving your upper body unstyled. Go for a silk bralette and also silk shorts then metallic sandals or heels. It might be hard walking around the beach with high heels, though.


coachella roadtrip outfit ideas 5Well, a wide leg romper with floral embroidery detailing is pretty Coachella-appropriate. It’s simple, it gives out that countryside vibe and it’s pretty casual. Make it stand out a bit by wearing brown or tan suede ankle boots, some metallic tattoos and an eye-catching necklace.


coachella roadtrip outfit ideas 6Cream colors and an all-lace ensemble – draped lace kimono top, floral embellished pushup corset, and draw string waist crochet shorts and of course, knee-high Sparta gladiator sandals for that extra kick of fashion-forwardness.


coachella roadtrip outfit ideas 7Don’t be afraid of mixing two opposing colors. You’ll never know how chic and trendy it’s going to turn out. Burgundy crochet romper with embroidered ankle boots and sunglasses.


coachella roadtrip outfit ideas 8Try wearing a dip dye maxi skirt because it will instantly make your look eye-popping and head-turning. Pair yours with ankle boots and lace bustier and some flower accessories.


coachella roadtrip outfit ideas 9You can go rockstar-ish to your Coachella road trip with gorgeous sequined top, black shorts, embellished mesh belt bag and a pair of black engineer shoes.


coachella roadtrip outfit ideas 10You can go simple and sport an everyday type of outfit with ripped skinny jeans, singlet and black platform sandals.

And when you’re done, when you’re heading home and just simply about to think that it was better than going to an actual Coachella, then listen to this playlist.