Classic Preppy Outfit Ideas

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Preppy is for ladies who love pearls, plaids and neatness. She knows how to dress it up and always look super elegant but can also go to the other end of the range just as easily. Most high-end designer doesn’t really cater to the preppy style. Most of the preppy things you’re going to find are on thrift and vintage shops.
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The style can turn any older woman into somewhat younger with the help of bows. Sometimes, preppy fashionistas can even turn an old granny dress into something modern and classy vintage.
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One thing you need to remember if you’re going to try the preppy style is that you need to check yourself in the mirror first before heading out. You don’t want to look like you’re 80, and certainly not 6.
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There are brands that cater to the preppy style – Abercrombie & Fitch has a few on their line but not so much. Dressing preppy is about knowing where to shop.
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Lots of teenagers and young adults enjoy the preppy style. Rocking the style doesn’t mean you need to wear excessively tight and clean cut outfits but something that looks great, classic and appropriate.
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Preppy women always wear classic pieces because these never go out of style. While skinny jeans, ripped jeans or daisy dukes are super pretty, they don’t fit in the preppy category.
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Shop for good quality flats. These are really good addition in your wardrobe. Loafers are considered to be preppy as well so you might need to get a couple of pairs of those as well.
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Take inspiration from Cher Horowitz from the movie Clueless. She’s all sorts of classy and vintage preppy.
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For your bags, a nice canvas monogrammed tote bag is an important accessory for every preppy woman. Also, you can get satchels which are perfect for work.
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You don’t really need to get designer bags like Louis Vuitton but it’s a very classic handbag and it’s a great investment.
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Preppy is a sub-culture. Your behavior reflects the whole preppy style.
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Being preppy is a lifestyle. It’s all about knowing how to do your hair, makeup and what to wear as jewelries. It’s important that you act and become preppy as well.