Classic Male Fashion Icons

classic male fashion icons 12

Here are some of our favorite male style icons from decades ago. We just couldn’t forget about them since some of them popularized clothing items we love up to this day. It is thanks to them that we all have adopted this amazing sense of fashion.


classic male fashion icons 1James Dean was known for his statement leather jacket and denim. He was the type of person who never followed fads but went on with his own style. During his time, most clothes were fitted – that means his clothes hugged his body. So if you want to pull off a James Dean outfit, leave out the baggy and loose clothing.


classic male fashion icons 2Who could forget about David Bowie’s eccentric fashion? He was known to be fashion’s king of self-invention. He kept changing his style dramatically throughout his entire career, more than any other musician in history. He changed the definition of what is meant to be a popular rock star. David’s clothes were his way of self-expression.


classic male fashion icons 3Cary Grant – he was often seen wearing well-tailored suits and evening wear, but when he wore casual clothes or the ready-to-wear clothing, he still managed to look good. Cary as an actor was always given roles of society playboy to an executive to a pilot and whatever part he played, he remained stylish. With his handsome look and general physical attributes, he could carry off whatever outfit he will wear.


classic male fashion icons 4Jimi Hendrix is arguably the “greatest instrumentalist in the history of rock music”. Not his music was outstanding, but also his choices in the fashion department. He became known for his Technicolor jackets, velvet pants and of course, his signature afro.


classic male fashion icons 5Aside from being a music legend, John Lennon is notoriously known as an eternal style icon. He created profound relationship between music and fashion. He will always be remembered not only for his music, but for his inspiring fashion style.


classic male fashion icons 6Marlon Brando made the classic white tee a fashion statement. He is considered to be one of the most important figures in American cinema. He was Hollywood’s bad boy – responsible for many director change and budget overage. Marlon Brando popularized white t-shirt during his character in Streetcar in 1951, a film by Stanley Kowalski. The shirt began selling as a regular wear in department stores after the movie premiered and became the uniform of people under the age of 75.Back in the day, wearing just a white shirt is a symbol or rebellion. But Marlon proved that it was edgy when combined with denim.


Gregory PeckGregory Peck – a six foot two inch man with so much charm, grace and enough ruggedness that any women can’t help but go weak in the knees. He was a very stylish man who was the true definition of tall, dark and handsome. His career boomed in the 70s and became popular ever since. Gregory was even named International Best Dress who made it to the Hall of Fame in 1983.


classic male fashion icons 8Paul Weller is a rock star turned clothing designer. Until this day, he runs his clothing line “Real Stars Are Rare” which he has been designing in collaboration with Phil Bickley, the owner of Tonic, a menswear store in West London. The line is basically for men of all ages from formalwear to sharp casuals.


classic male fashion icons 9Michael Caine had a wardrobe that made him one of Britain’s most admired fashion icons. His style consisted of a sharp, precise tailoring with modish accessories of bold frames, thin tie and loafers to polish up the look.


classic male fashion icons 10Rolling Stone’s Ronnie Wood is another rock star who also launched his very own fashion range. From the early point of his and his band’s career, he was noticeably very fashion-forward than the rest. He knows how to mix and match outfits and wasn’t one of those who followed a fad. His individuality made him go out and do his own fashion line and it’s been a hit since it launched.