Choosing the Right Boot Style for Your Body Shape

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Get your winter shoes ready because fall season is nearing us. Wearing closed-toe shoes and boots require work to make your body look stylish. Did you know that people shouldn’t base their boots on their style, but on the body type and shape? There are boots that could make your body look sexy and there are those who’ll just make you look like a mess.

Here’s a quick summary of the boot styles that may work best on certain body types:

– For short and curvy women, knee-high and ankle-length boots
– For short and thin women, knee-high, calf-length and ankle-boots
– For tall and curvy women, all lengths will work except above-the-knee styles
– For tall and thin women, all lengths will work

When it comes to boots, you should choose wisely. You can’t just go and buy any pair that you like. If you want to know what type of boots will suit you best, read the guide below to help you make the right choice for your stylish pair of winter boots.

Ankle length boots

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These boots are the most popular because it looks great with every body type. It can easily be worn with skirts or dresses. But ankle-length boots will cut your leg off to the ankles. If you’re short and thin, choose boots that have a good amount of heel to create the illusion of longer legs. Easily pair it with jeans or leggings.
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If you want look like you have longer and slimmer-looking feet and legs, try styles with pointed-toe shoes.


Calf length boots
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Proceed with caution with these lengthy boots. The calf-length tends to cut your leg off at the calf. Those wide shaft styles can even widen the size of your legs. So if you have slimmer calves, this will definitely work for you.


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Try wearing heeled calf length boots to get a feminine look and will also give you some extra length if you’re not that tall.


Knee high boots

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These boots is the perfect length for curvy women, especially to those with a pear-shaped body. Knee-high boots will give the illusion of longer and slimmer-looking legs.
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If you have short legs, avoid styles with buckles or straps because these details will cut off the length that the knee high boots are supposed to give you.


Over the knee boots
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These boots are for women who are tall and thin, giving the outfit a sexier and edgier look. If you’re short, it’s best to avoid this type of boots because it will only make you look shorter.


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If you’re curvy, these won’t work for you because it will only emphasize the size of your legs making them appear bigger.