Button Up Shirt Style Inspirations to Make the Ladies Swoon

Every man needs one button up shirt for different occasions.

These are useful for whatever casual wear, but these shirts, whether colored or with bold patterns, they go well from wool slacks to the usual denim jeans.

Go for a smart, casual look and make the ladies swoon because these are a staple in every man’s closet. Here’s how you should style yours.

Patterned button up shirt


Knowing your body’s measurement is important when wanting to sport a stylish button up shirt for men. Getting the right fit is important part. Brighter or multicolored shrits will look great for casual wear.

Dark blue work pants


If you know the colors that will look good on you, then you’re fine. Luckily, every man would look great in a pale blue button up shirt and dark blue pants. Finish off the look with brown brogues for a polished look.

Skinny trousers


Want to play it safe with your smart casual look, then go for a white button up shirt paired with skinny jeans. It will make your outfit look crisp and clean.

Denim button up shirt with black skinny jeans


A denim button up shirt is versatile and durable – which creates a great layering piece sometimes. It’s a great casual item choice for men making your outfit more fashionable and trendy.

Printed button up shirt with cropped trousers


Get out of your comfort zone by trying crazy colors that would look great with your skin tone. You can also tone it down by wearing it with dark trousers like black or navy blue.

Navy blue skinny jeans


Prints can get tricky – so if you’re only starting out with wearing button up shirts, then avoid prints at all cost. Stick with something simple. Also, jeans are the best pieces to team up with your casual button up shirt.

White trousers and camel coatbutton-up-shirt-men-outfit-idea-1

Layering your outfit creates new dimensions to your getup.



Keep the proportion of your trousers the same as to your button up shirt to create a pleasing silhouette.

White button up shirt outfit idea


This look is tasteful without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Checkered button up shirt with jeans


This outfit is the perfect off-duty look to sport that will make you look effortlessly stylish. Keep the hem at the right balance

For the ladies, the combination of button up shirt with rolled sleeves is equivalent to lingerie. It’s important that you, as a man, has the abilities to choose the perfect color, print, style and fit that will help make you look dapper in all of your button up shirt outfits.

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