Bridesmaid Outfit Ideas

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Bridesmaids play an important role in our wedding and also, our lives. Sometimes choosing only 5 to be bridesmaids is quite hard. What’s even harder is choosing their dresses, the colors and all that. But if you know them so well, it won’t be that hard anymore because you’re going to base on their personalities. Show off your bridal party’s style by choosing something that isn’t traditional because details can always make a difference.

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They don’t have to match. Maybe the color could but the style of the dress, it should vary for each bridesmaid. Also, choose something that would flatter them.

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But sometimes, we are really OC that we want them all to match. And that’s no problem at all. They’d surely understand that. It’s your wedding

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Mint crinkle chiffon A-line dress, draped V-neck bodice, and natural waist and ruffle cascade skirt detail. Super pretty, don’t you think? Perfect for spring and summer weddings because of the pretty bright color.

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The color combination of their dresses together is absolutely divine. Choose a color and pick four to five colors from that color family. For example, pink – so go with light pink, carnation pink, magenta, nude pink, fuchsia, etc.

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Navy blue with lace neck embellishments give out a classy and a bit of sexy vibe, don’t you think? Put their hair up in a bun and just keep their makeup and accessories simple because the dress should be the main attraction of their look.
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Gray and dark gray gowns are absolutely sophisticated and not-so common when it comes to bridesmaid dresses.


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A two-piece as bridesmaid dress? Love it. High low skirt with sparkly top and a midi skirt with metallic top.

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Cute mini bridesmaid dresses are great choices as well. They can be quite cheaper than long gowns as well.

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Ultra-romantic floral bridesmaid dresses are ideal for your cheery and fun girlfriends.

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Totally loving the earthy-toned vibe of the dresses here. Mismatched but coordinated dusty colors. These are perfect for autumn and winter weddings because they’re a bit dark.