Bridesmaid Dresses with Jewelry and Accessories

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When it comes to accessorizing and styling your bridesmaids, always consider their skin color and body type. Some may look stunning with a spaghetti-strapped style and some might not. Do you think it’s more work now that you’ve finally chosen your wedding dress?

Worry no more. We have a couple of quick styling tips to find the right accessories for different types of necklines.

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First off, you need to look for a dress that will suit all of your girlfriends. It’s not the easiest job but for your wedding, you should create a polished and pulled-together look. And you can achieve that by picking the right accessories.

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A dipped v-neck dress can help lengthen the torso – making it flattering for every woman. You can shop for the dress here.

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You can pair it with metallic silver peep-toed heels from Prada. You can find more info of the shoes here.

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Here’s a wonderful and ever-so-popular style that can elongate the neck. Styles
like this one are a nice choice for women with full chests. You can purchase the dress here

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For a strapless dress like the one above, accessorize it with a bold or statement necklace. Almost anything goes when it comes to this neckline so go ahead and try out a couple of things on your bridesmaids.

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A dress with a halter neck will look perfect with many body shapes, particularly for those women with broad shoulders. Shop the dress here.

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There are a ton of accessories you can wear with a halter neckline. For example, dangling or round earrings that will show off your neckline especially if you put your hair in an up-do. We swear, up-dos + halters = perfect combo!

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An ultra-feminine choice but with a more romantic twist. Neckline is flattering for bustier women. Classic ace is always sexy and we love the cocktail length of this dress.

Pair this dress with a simple necklace with a pendant. It will give your bridesmaids a more polished look. The lace is considered to be “accessory” enough. Maybe even some bangles to go with the dress.

bridesmaid accessories 10

A jewel neckline, also known as the t-shirt neckline is flattering for petite women because it’ll help accentuate the chest.

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If your bridesmaids will wear a dress with a neckline like this one, then choose big and twisted necklaces because they look stunning when it overlaps a high neckline.

Choose a matching necklace and earrings to go with the dress.
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How about a one-shoulder neckline? This will showcase their collarbone and will give this classic dress a more modern look. You can purchase the dress here.

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They can easily wear a matching bracelet and earrings with this. Nothing too flashy. We still want to let the dress do all the talking.