Brides Guide to Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

Just when you thought with the whole wedding dress decision-making process, comes another challenging dilemma – finding the right bridesmaid dresses.

It’s this part of wedding planning that could actually make or break your friendship with them. Have you watched those movies with bridesmaids wearing gowns with head to toe ruffles in the most unattractive color? You don’t want them to upstage you but you want them to look their absolute best, because you’re not an insecure person thinking they would look so much better than you on your special day.

So here we have some non-clichéd plus size bridesmaid dresses ideas and some tips on how to choose the right look for your gorgeous curvy friends.

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As the bride, you will always have the final say. Sure, they will be paying for their own gowns but you want to be more considerate of their feelings. You still need to ask them what they think would look great about their dresses, just to have a few options.

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Make notes of the styles you think would look great on your bridesmaids.

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When most of them are plus sized, there’s a chance that they will not be too comfortable with some styles.  Sometimes, it’s okay to have them choose the style of their dress but should stick to the theme of your wedding, in similar dress shade. You can help choose which fabric to use for their dress.

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If you want all of them in the same dress style and color, choose a style that will flatter different sizes and shapes. For example, a-line skirts and empire waists will seriously look fab on all sizes.

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Shawls, scarves and boleros are extremely helpful to body-conscious women.

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If the cost of the dress is more than their budget, you should cover the remaining costs. Be a good friend.

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It would be cost-effective to choose colors in dark hues because they could wear them in formal events in latter occasions.

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Dresses with elegant designs will make everyone happy. No need to go overboard with details, accessories and embellishments.

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Don’t try to cram every task on your own. Put your maid of honor in charge of purchasing the bridesmaids’ gowns.