Bold Daytime Dresses for Spring

bold everyday dresses for spring 11

Bold prints, bright colors in daytime-appropriate dresses – here are our favorite bold springtime dresses perfect for casual and everyday looks.

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Who says you can only add one print into your look for the day? If two of the prints work, then go for it. Keep your outfit eye-catching by also pairing it with simple yet statement-worthy pair of clogs.

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Forget ripped or distressed jeans. A new trend that’s emerging the fashion scene is this distressed denim mini dress. It’s super cute and just perfect for everyday. It’s simple enough to be paired with statement pieces like a vintage shoulder bag and sunglasses. There are tons of ways to style this.

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It’s really refreshing to the eyes to see pretty pastels and brights. You think they don’t work, but they do most of the time without overdoing it. Try out this pastel embellished dress with a yellow coat and shoes for the ultimate “chilly yet it’s still spring” look.

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Speaking of boldness, this Aztec print v-neck column midi dress is perfect for fancy morning or afternoon rendezvous. The print is simply exquisite. Pair this dress with snakeskin sandals and some cool bangles to complete the look.


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This list wouldn’t be complete without a floral dress, but not just any floral dress but a sheer jacquard daisy dress. It’s actually not a mixture of flowers like what we’re used to seeing. You can simply wear this dress as a semi-formal ensemble or easily wear it casually everyday with sandals or flats.

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Bring Greece to wherever you live by wearing a lovely white, embroidered cotton kaftans dress with these pair of dark sky brown snake heeled sandals, embroidered denim clutch and sun glasses.

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Nothing screams bright than this lime pleated A-line dress. It’s the perfect “in your face” dress that’s perfect for a sunny day. simply wear white sandals and a pretty white flower necklace

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A pretty floral-print silk-georgette mini dress, gorgeous pastel cat eye sunglasses and suede pumps for the on-the-go women.

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We’re never too old for a fun-print dress such as this dolphin print sleeveless shift dress. You can wear this with sandals, ballet flats, even high heels, if you wish.

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Sick of the all-floral dress? Try this slightly naturesque rainforest printed sleeveless mini garden dress. It’s pretty chic and it’s just a nice thing to wear on days neither you feel slightly blue and dull. At least you still have that springtime vibe going on.