The “Best and Worsts” of Being a Fashion Blogger (Quotes from Our Favorite Bloggers)

A fashion blogger is someone who creates a website and writes about their opinions on fashion. This industry ranges from writing about what’s in style, showcasing their favorite outfits for different seasons and occasions, and providing tips and advice for dressing better.

But what is it like being a fashion blogger?

Everyone has heard of getting paid to blog. And getting paid to blog about something you love is even better… But what’s behind the scenes?

We asked some of our favorite fashion bloggers to tell us about what they liked and didn’t like about being a fashion blogger.

Here is what they said…

Candice Nikeia from


Candice Nikeia is a rising “Life & Style” blogger at and her work has been featured on several popular labels including The Wendy Williams Show, TOBI, Nylon Magazine, BCBGeneration, and Entertainment Tonight. 

Here are Candice’s Top Best and Worst:

Top Best
1. Free clothing and product
2. Getting paid and making a living doing what I love
3. Meeting people and brands from all over the world

Top Worst
1. The industry is very competitive
2. Spending a lot of money to make money (photographers – website – clothing) – but I also love supporting other artist( photographers- website designers) to connect to make my blog better
3. The desire to grow can be stressful but rewarding at the same time

Sergio Ines from


Sergio got his start in the fashion blogging industry when his girlfriend started posting up pictures of his outfits on Instagram. It grew so popular that he started this blog

Here are Sergio’s Top Best and Worst:

The best part about being a fashion blogger is knowing you have the ability to inspire so many people out there. Being told that I’ve inspired someone to start dressing better is a massive reward and the true reason why I started blogging.

The worst part about being a fashion blogger is realising that the ability to inspire also comes with the ability to disappoint. It’s impossible to not become more self aware and self conscious and possibly loose a little of your true self in the process.

Kimberly from


Kimberly is a stay-at-home wife and full-time fashion blogger at She blogs about affordable pieces and ways to look good on a budget. She does a great job, and we wish her good luck in starting her own bakery!

Here is Kimberly’s Top Best and Worst:

The best things are getting the chance to connect & interact with so many women across the globe. It has created a sense of community that I didn’t anticipate but that I really cherish. I have loved getting to know my readers personally and have cherished the chance to create long-lasting friendships that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

The worst part is the amount of hours that goes into it.* Sometimes I long for an 8 to 5 job with weekends off but that simply isn’t my reality. When you’re running your own business & working from home, it can be really difficult to “shut off” when the work day is over. I have to make a conscious effort to put down my phone & not open any social media apps so I can truly be present with my friends & family.

*+1 for that statement. Fashion blogging takes a lot of work.

So there you have it!

Fashion blogging can be very rewarding;

You get to be a part of a community, make new friends, help tons of people, and get paid doing it!

However it does take work, so if you plan on starting a fashion blog, you’d better make sure you love doing it so much that you’ll commit even through the hard times.

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