Best Plus-Size Clothing Brands – High Street

plus size clothing brands 11Talking about fashion when it comes to plus size is difficult. Many people forget that we aren’t just talking about the clothes but rather the people who wore them. There have been so many issues about the high street not having much plus size clothing and just recently, many high street brand s had launched their plus size line. Here are 10 of the best high street brands that are fit for your stylish needs.


plus size clothing brands 1ASOS Curves – Size 18-30

ASOS is one of those brands that have everything. They have a wide range of tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, even pajamas. We love how they’re also inexpensive and most of their items look like designer. Also, it’s nice that they use a different range of models unlike other brands that still uses regular models even though they cater for a wider range.


plus size clothing brands 2Dorothy Perkins – Size 16-22

When you’re on the hunt for cute dresses, head over to Dorothy Perkins. Their dresses will fit you beautifully and you’d feel comfortable in it, no matter what your size is.


plus size clothing brands 3H&M – Size 14-38

Just like ASOS, H&M has almost everything as well. Shop their website for cute dresses, skirts and tops. But there’s a slight issue when it comes to their jeans and trousers. Their bottoms will make you go up a couple more sizes and they aren’t just the comfiest fit in the world.


plus size clothing brands 4Bon Marche– Size 26-32

They have one of the widest size clothing range for plus size, they also hold several sales and gives discounts for most of the year. Their styles will effortlessly make you look stylish during whatever season it is, making you really trendy.


plus size clothing brands 5Yours Clothing – Size 14-36

Yours caters to 22 sizes and if you can’t find a size for you from other high street brands, you can definitely find it here. Not only that, but they’re also very affordable. They’re comfortable and stylish and will surely save you a couple of bucks.


plus size clothing brands 6New Look Inspire – Size 18-32

They have pretty dresses and jeans. If you can’t find jeans and trousers on H&M, then definitely go to New Look. Their trousers will fit you like a glove. Seriously.


plus size clothing brands 7Missguided – Size 16-24

It’s surprising that Missguided has a plus size line. This is one of those brands that are super stylish, super edgy and will make any fashionista drool because of their clothes. So yeah, go for Missguided for something that’s a little bit out of your comfort zone.


plus size clothing brands 8BooHoo – Size 16-24

Boohoo’s basic range is good for skirts, true to size and made of nice materials with really gorgeous items. Tunics are pretty common to be worn by plus size women but when you see one from Boohoo, you wouldn’t feel so bad about purchasing it because it’s just THAT good.


plus size clothing brands 9Forever 21 – Size 18-24

Forever 21 have a plus-size clothing range that’s certainly budget-friendly and extremely stylish in all ways possible. Their jeans are super comfortable and will fit you perfectly and if you’re looking for nice jackets, you’ll definitely find them here.


plus size clothing brands 10Violeta by Mango – Size 14-22

If you’re feeling quite spendy and would want something that’s made of high quality materials, go for Violeta, a plus-size line by Mango.