Best Hairstyles for Your Face Shape and Hair Texture

hairstyle for face shape 11

By the time we reach our 20s, we should be sure about a lot of things, including our hairstyles. Some women copy a celebrity’s hairstyle because they look good with it – without even thinking if the said hairstyle would look great on them. Perhaps they forgot that people have different face shapes and different hair textures, and a few haircuts will not look flattering on them.

Remember, your best look depends on your hair texture and face shape. Forget about the in-style haircuts.

hairstyle for face shape 1

If you have straight hair and a round face, go for a cut that rests on your shoulder. Get long layers that will elongate your face. Strong, straight-across bangs will enhance your cheekbones.

hairstyle for face shape 2

Avoid short curly hair when you have a round face because it’ll only make it appear rounder. Choose a cut that hits below the chin or even longer.

hairstyle for face shape 3

If you have a square face and a straight hair, choose a cut with layers that sits from chin to your collarbone. It will soften a strong jaw. Also, side-swept bangs would look great because it’ll minimize a wide forehead.

hairstyle for face shape 4

A thinned out bob that hits right around the chin works well with a square face.

hairstyle for face shape 5

If you have a straight hair and a heart-faced shape, you can try a pixie cut since it’ll help highlight your eyes and cheekbones.

hairstyle for face shape 6

Long wavy hair will also look good on heart-shaped faces because th waves add width to the sides of a long face.

hairstyle for face shape 7

If you have an oval face and straight hair, go for layers that start below your eyes. It’ll make you look fuller. No to a one-length hairstyle.

hairstyle for face shape 8

You can get away with long and beachy waves with an oval face.

hairstyle for face shape 9

Do you have a wavy or curly hair and a round face? Choose a side part style and a midneck to midback length.

hairstyle for face shape 10

For a square face and a wavy texture, try a shoulder-length cut with layers.