Best Clothes to Wear Hiking: The Ultimate All-Season Guide

Hiking is one of the best past-time activities that don’t even require a ton of money. All you need is gas to get to where you want to go (and of course the clothes you’ll be wearing!)

The best clothes to wear hiking all depends on where you want to go, what the current season is, and the environment of the hiking place.

Hiking in the summer in a rainforest is going to require different clothing and apparel than hiking in the mountains during the fall/winter.

What to Wear Hiking in the Spring/Summer

Sometimes, just wearing regular workout clothing will be enough for hiking in the summer. Simple shorts, a tshirt or tank top, and a sweater if you really need it.

summer hiking outfits

A simple tank top and spandex shorts can be enough for hiking in the summer.

hiking in the summer outfits 1

Wear a pair of shorts and a sweater for early summer when the weather isn’t too hot.

hiking in the summer outfits

The simple “go-to” summer hiking outfit: pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

What to Wear Hiking in the Winter/Fall

On the other side, when hiking in the fall or winter, you want to wear something a little bit more warm.

Here are a couple of items you’ll see often with great winter/fall hiking outfits:

  • Headbands or ear warmers
  • Sport jackets
  • Vests
  • Turtleneck sweaters
  • Sport leggings
  • Insulated vests



fall hiking outfits

This woman is sporting Nike sport leggings with Nike shoes and an insulated jacket.
winter hiking outfits 3

A winter zipper jacket with sport leggings.

winter hiking outfits 2

An insulated vest on top of a regular sweater. Ear warmers and running gloves.

winter hiking outfits

A hat and a jacket with a hood to keep you warm during the winter cold.

What Kind of Shoes to Wear Hiking?

This depends on the environment and place you’ll be hiking at.

Sometimes, a lot of hiking places won’t be so rocky and aggressive, so you’ll be able to get away with your regular pair of running shoes.

hiking running shoes

But if you’re going to be hiking in more rocky terrain, it will be better to get some hiking boots or waterproof hiking shoes.

hiking boots

A pair of Dr Martens brown hiking boots.

seattle hiker boot

A pair of Seattle Hiker Boots.

Waterproof Hiking Wear

And if you’re going to be hiking in wet conditions, might as well get some waterproof gear.

waterproof socks

Get a pair of waterproof socks.

chaco hiking sandals

Get a pair of Chaco hiking sandals.

hiking shoes

Get a pair of KEEN Marshall WP waterproof Hiking boots.

Extra Items to Take With You Hiking

  • Water bottle
  • Backpack with snacks, granola bars
  • Solar powered charger
  • Earphones (if you don’t want to talk to your date)