Beginner’s Guide to Wearing Vintage

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One thing you must never do when you want to sport a vintage look is by not wearing a full head-to-toe vintage look. Aren’t you worried you’re going to look like you’re in a costume for a Halloween party in April?

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Wearing vintage outfits is very popular. There are a ton of things to choose from and there’s always a vintage style for everyone. One place you can head to when shopping for vintage clothes are your local thrift shops.

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By then, you’ll be able to create perfect modern and retro inspired looks that will leave the fashionistas around you swooning.

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Vintage shopping is one of the cheapest and the most eco-friendly way to get on with the trends you love.

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Finding vintage pieces that will fit you nicely can be a little tricky. So having tailoring skills or knowing somebody who can sew for you is kind of important. Also, if you don’t have both, you can always opt for vintage accessories.

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If you got something out of a thrift store, you can easily modify it and make it more you. For example, you replace the buttons on a vintage coat with something more modern and by styling it with a belt or adding a scarf.

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When you get comfortable with the style, you can add more to complete your ensemble. Try to look for beautiful pieces that you can incorporate into your wardrobe.

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Avoid wearing vintage in an awful condition. Just because it’s vintage, doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to wear ratty-looking clothes with holes in them. It’s not great to see visible damages into those clothes. Stains, tears, missing parts – should be avoided.

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Don’t go for pieces that scream the year they were made.

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Vintage-inspired pieces are also considerable. They cost more than the prices in thrift shops but these inspired pieces are great alternative to true vintage. You don’t even have to worry about them because they’re in good quality and in great condition.

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But it’s nothing more like going to vintage shops and every garment you choose tells a different story of a different time and a different owner.

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Wearing clothes from vintage store will feel like you’re wearing an objet d’art or a memento from somebody else’s adventures.

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And isn’t it satisfying knowing that what you’re wearing isn’t something anyone can just go and pick up at a chain store – but something really rare and unique?

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Just remember this – it’s all in the balance. Mix of modern, mix of old = more wearable look while giving your new pieces a bit of an edge