Back to School – New Shoes and Outfit Ideas

back to school - new shoes 11If you could only buy one pair of shoes for this new school year, what would it be? We’ve rounded up a couple of footwear we feel like you’re going to purchase. After all, it’s always about the style and comfort. Know how to style yours now by checking out these outfit ideas.


back to school - new shoes 1Yellow VANS are really pretty. They’re bright and loud enough to make a statement. Look quirky in a bold blue skirt paired with a gray tee.


back to school - new shoes 2Yup, leopard-print shoes are something that won’t ever go out of style. You can wear this one can instantly upgrade any boring or plain outfit.


back to school - new shoes 3Adidas Superstars are the hippest sneakers today. Nike Roshes are out. with these sneakers, you can wear it with just about anything – skirt and girly top combo, jeans and tee combo, shorts and crop top combo, anything.


back to school - new shoes 4Are you more of a preppy type of person? Well, why not get these Hogan oxfords – rubber sole brogues? Since it’s made of rubber, it’ll be comfier than ever. Also, we very much love the color. It’s pale and wearable.


back to school - new shoes 5Are you more comfortable with flat sandals? Choose a pair that’s either black, white or neutrals so it won’t be hard to pair with whatever that’s inside your wardrobe. Try a fun-printed skirt paired with a pastel top.


back to school - new shoes 6Signature loafers like this Chiara Ferragni wink espadrilles is a statement-making pair of shoes. These are the kind of shoes that won’t make you fuss over your outfit because it’s very trendy and easy to wear.


back to school - new shoes 7When you want to look more mature and very feminine, you could start wearing high heels. Just like sneakers, these would go with whatever top and jeans you’re planning on wearing for the day.


back to school - new shoes 8How about a fun and sporty chic outfit for school? Pair your Nike Air Force shoes with quirky print top, black skinny jeans and some stack rings.


back to school - new shoes 9Everybody wants a pair of Topshop boots. They’re made of high quality materials, will last longer than most of your shoes and very fashionable. Wear yours with a white crochet shirt, heavy wool skirt and maybe a nice leather jacket or cardigan to finish off the look.


back to school - new shoes 10If you could wear these strappy high heels but don’t want to look really mature, why not wear it with a minimalist pieces like a cropped cotton chambray shirt, wool mini skirt and a pastel leather backpack.