How to Avoid Split Pants

Pants are essential in everybody’s closet. It’s one of those go-to pieces that will look great on a few occasions. Sadly, no matter how much money you spend on those pants, you just seem to ruin them.

These pants are will get even worst especially when they’re badly constructed, badly fitted or simply not properly cared for.

Avoid split pants with these useful tips. Be sure to check out our posts on The Best Jeans for Your Body Shape and on How To Stretch Your Jeans.


Choose a pair that fits you well.

how-to-avoid-split-pants-1Buy pants that fit you to a T. Find a pair that fit more snugly as well as belted higher. Loose pants with the crotch too baggy get stretched easily, resulting to split pants. So avoid split pants with this helpful tip.


Avoid too loose or too tight pants.

how-to-avoid-split-pants-1Steer clear of pants that are either too large or too tight around your thighs. This will result to rubbing and friction which will worsen the state of your pants. You also need to check the sewing of the pants to make sure that it isn’t distressed in the inner-thigh area as well as other areas.


Properly laundering your pants.

how-to-avoid-split-pants-3When laundering your pants, make sure you turn them inside out. It’s also advisable that you launder them separately or with other two to three pairs.


Don’t regularly wash them.

how-to-avoid-split-pants-4Although you must know that you don’t have to wash your pants, especially your jeans, unless they start to smell or soiled. Three to four times of washing after wearing them is enough.


Never use bleach.

how-to-avoid-split-pants-5Wash your pants with either warm or cold water only and never with hot water. Never add bleach to your pants unless you want to lighten them on purpose.


Read the wash care label.

how-to-avoid-split-pants-6Hot water and bleach will weaken the fabric of your pants especially denim ones. Before you launder your pants, check the label to see if it’s safe to wash in warm water.


Abandon the dryer.

how-to-avoid-split-pants-7After washing your pants, don’t toss them in the dryer. Instead, hang it up to dry outside on a drying rack or a suspended hanger in your laundry room. Avoid split pants by heating not heating it from the dryer because it will damage your pants speeding up the fading the wear.


Quality jeans are essential.

how-to-avoid-split-pants-8Never buy cheap jeans. If you’re on the plus-size, invest in quality clothing that will survive all the wear and tear.


Patches will cover the tears.

how-to-avoid-split-pants-9When signs of wear around the inner thigh show on your favorite denim jeans, you just need to cover them with patches. You can either have them sewed onto the jeans or iron them.


Glue patches.

how-to-avoid-split-pants-10Patches that are ironed-on or glued are easier to apply but they are more prone to curling, as well as falling off when laundered in hot water or when placed inside the dryer.


Sew patches.

how-to-avoid-split-pants-11Sew the patch to keep it in place. You need to attach the patch before you see signs of wear on your denim jeans to prevent it from continuing as soon as possible.


You should protect your favorite pants from suffering an unfortunate fate. It’s important that you care for these pants and wear them properly to avoid them from splitting and other premature wear problems.


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