Ankle Boot Styles To Go Crazy For

Ankle boots started as a fashion trend. However they are now officially a style staple for both men and women. And why not! After all, these boots are useful, and they look classy, trendy, and contemporary too. In fact, these are some of the most versatile shoes you can find. And not just that, you can wear one with all kinds of dresses as well. For instance, you can wear an ankle boot with a chic suit or dress, with cut-offs or chinos. You can get different styles for diversity, or invest in one pair of high-quality boots that is going to last for several years.

Multi-Purpose Styles

mid-heel slip-on leather ankle boot

The mid-heel slip-on leather ankle boot in a dark color like espresso brown or black will give you plenty of style opportunities. It is sure to be a head turner. A high-quality boot will go with just about anything in your closet, and last you for years.

classic-black leather ankle boot

You can wear a classic-black leather ankle boot with your favorite dark denim, t-shirt and blazer. Dress up a classic bootie with black tights, a pleated miniskirt and chunky sweater. A thick heel or wedge style is the most comfortable for all-day wear. Try this if you have to do some walking.

desert ankle boots

The desert boot is the men’s version of this multi-purpose style of ankle boot. These days, a lot of fashion conscious men are wearing them, and they are looking good in these boots too. You can wear a dark suede desert boot with a pair of cuffed chinos and a t-shirt. Desert boots are a refined enough style to also wear with a pair of dress pants and a sport coat.

Edgy Styles

ankle boots with studs

Ankle boots with studs or metal detailing is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add an edge to any outfit. You can easily stand out from the crowd when you wear one of these stunning boots. For women, a row of buckles on a black-flat boot adds just the right punk-rock edge to what is otherwise a practical boot. Wear them with a pair of black slim-cut jeans and a billowy button-down for a stylish mix of soft and edgy.

motorcycle boots side harness

For men, black or deep-brown ankle high motorcycle boots that feature reinforced stitching, side harnesses with straps, metal studs and rings give the outfit a rock star-rugged look. It goes very well with the overall image. But remember to wear them with denim that can hold its own against the weight of these manly boots.

Polished Looks

high-heel lace-up ankle boot

Ankle boots are not just rugged, chic and useful, they can provide a sophisticated look as well. In fact, the ankle boot can be a chic alternative to a classic pump or dress shoe. You can style your finest skirt-suit with a high-heel lace-up ankle boot. This boot looks lovely with any pair of trousers, whether it is cropped, wide-leg, or straight leg. Try this once. We are sure that you are going to like it.

brogue boots

For men, brogue boots are a good option. This sophisticated shoe goes well even with a business suit. You won’t look out of place at your place of work.

Sexy Stilettos


Few shoe styles can beat a stiletto in sex-appeal. We have seen many movie and models wearing them, and have adored their looks. But remember, the stiletto ankle boot is always a statement shoe. This means that you don’t wear this for a long day of running around. You wear it to get noticed. Wear your sexy stiletto with an outfit that shows them off. Try cropped-tuxedo pants, a pencil skirt or a little black dress. These boots look good in any color, but of course the color you choose should go well with your outfit.