Androgyn Outfit Ideas

androgyny outfit ideas 9Back in January, if you’ve been watching the catwalks of the A/W 2015 men’s collections, you’d notice the guys wearing lace, jewelry, sporting a shaggy haircut – showcasing the most of gender-bending you have ever seen during fashion week. Women wearing men-inspired outfits are nothing new, but men wearing women-inspired outfit is about to become the norm. It’s certainly about time, really. Check out some badass androgyny outfit ideas below that are embracing gender fluidity.


androgyny outfit ideas 1Let’s face it – we’ve seen men wear boring sportswear or the ever-present flawless suiting. Thanks to creative directors of big fashion names, gone were the usual preppy and nautical-themed clothes.


androgyny outfit ideas 2Instead, you’re going to see pretty pussy-bow blouses, couple of rings on their fingers, a statement piece to complete the outfit and sometimes a lace tunic top.


androgyny outfit ideas 3Grunge is still a thing and can be easily incorporated into the androgynous look. Men are entirely cross-dressing – it’s just a new way to an unhindered and playful advance to getting dressed.


androgyny outfit ideas 4Androgynous fashion is about being idealistically flamboyant – thrift-store inspired and down-styled. You won’t be seeing bursts and blocks of colors in their outfits in the future.


androgyny outfit ideas 5It’s all about long hair, fine-featured, scarlet lace, crop-sleeved coats, bow blouses – traditional gender lines are long gone.


androgyny outfit ideas 6Famous designers who are incorporating androgyny into their line that it’s for the LGBT causes, that it’s “the perfect moment to analyze this subject more deeply to measure what the genders share, what they take from each other”.


androgyny outfit ideas 7Have you seen Hailey Baldwin and Jourdan Dunn walked the runway at menswear fashion show?


androgyny outfit ideas 8Even Instagram users caught the attention of this budding fashion – where they mix male and female narcissism and get more likes more than ever.