Add Metallic to Your Outfits this Season

metallic 10Admit it – we never expected metallic is going to be a huge thing this season that it’s up on our fall and winter shopping list. Many would have told us we we’re crazy when we started wearing metallic.

Luckily, the metallic trend isn’t the tacky trend we knew beforehand. It actually matured.

That means, its metallic – it’s bold – but still, it’s wearable. Pretty wearable that you can wear it to work or for dinner, even on the weekends.

Here are a couple of ideas on how you should style your metallic this season.


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A metallic skirt that isn’t that flashy. It’s for those who would like to join the bandwagon but doesn’t want that much attention on them. Just style this the way you would style your blank mini skirt, but a little less sexy or flashy because the skirt is bold enough.


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Here’s a pretty low-key metallic lace three-quarter dress that can be worn for date nights. During daytime, you can wear this with a trench coat and ankle boots while for night time, a structure blazer with your high heels.


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Here’s a dress that’s made of textured knit. It’s still metallic and pretty wearable whether it for work or afterhours. Easily slip on your high heels for a subtle sexy look.


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For the ultimate lady, this statement skirt will look great with a classic cardigan.


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Wear your simple and shiny sweater with sailor pants. It’s simple yet chic and it’s a look that will always be on trend.


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Just like your usual crop top, style this metallic one however you would. But for this top, pair it with flared jeans.