Achieve the Model-Off Duty Look

model off-duty outfit ideas 13

Models are masters of comfort and cool. Their overall look tends to lean more casually fashionable and downright comfortable and is achievable within the regular woman’s abilities. These qualities make them the ideal style icons for every lazy girl everywhere, that’s why we rustled up the some tips and outfit inspirations to shape your own easy and natural off-duty look. You don’t need a one-in-a-million model gene or tons of makeup to pull this off.

There’s definitely a fine line between looking effortless chic and the just-rolled-out-of-bed look.

All photos are from Pinterest.

model off-duty outfit ideas 1

Models live in skinny jeans. They easily wear it with boots, sneakers or loafers.

model off-duty outfit ideas 2

They build out a neutral color scheme. Throw in a bunch of random pieces that will look amazing together. Focus more on different textures and shapes.

model off-duty outfit ideas 3

Besides random ankle boots, riding boots, loafers and flats, signature chunky shoes are one of the easiest way to add a bit of “punk” into your look. Models really like Dr. Martens.

model off-duty outfit ideas 4

Sometimes, mixing and matching prints that don’t go well together will result to something bad. But how pretty does this model look with this checkered top and fruity maxi skirt?

model off-duty outfit ideas 5

Mix in a statement piece – it could be a graphic shirt, bold shoes or a bright bag. You don’t want any other item to compete with that one statement piece so it’s best to keep your other garments simple.

model off-duty outfit ideas 6

Another stylish and relaxed outfit to wear is overalls. Models are massive fans of overalls because they’re comfortable and easy to style.

model off-duty outfit ideas 7

Sometimes, a statement coat is all you need like it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing underneath just as long as you have that coat.

model off-duty outfit ideas 8

When it doubt, just wear a slouchy pullover. If you’ve tried almost everything in your wardrobe, just go for this classic piece paired with whatever bottom you were trying on an hour ago. It’ll give your look an instant glam.

model off-duty outfit ideas 9

Basics always look best. It highly likely that you have everything you need for your model off-duty style in your wardrobe. Just make all the pieces work or incorporate something eye-catching like this metal toe-cap flats.

model off-duty outfit ideas 10

A motorcycle jacket on top of any look will instantly upgrade it. We’re pretty sure of that, also, we’re pretty sure if you Google “model street style” and you’ll see a couple of models wearing this biker-style outerwear.

model off-duty outfit ideas 11

A model can never be too girly. Mix girly and tomboy into your look to achieve a MOD look.