Absurd Men’s Fashion Pieces You Don’t Need in Your Life

mens fashion mistakes 11You seriously don’t need to be caught dead doing these. Although fashion is always debatable, many people consider these to be mistakes, seriously. Just ask the fashion authorities!


mens fashion mistakes 1Wallet Chains

They were once cool – maybe in the 80s and 90s – and maybe the 90s is making a huge comeback in fashion scene, this type of men’s accessory clearly isn’t. Please, leave this to the kids. Maybe if you were between 5-10 years old, this would look cool on you.


mens fashion mistakes 2Low Slung Trousers

Thinking about this just makes us cringe – seriously – no one cares about your 250-dollar underwear. Maybe they were cool back then, but if you’re a grown man who wants to meet THE ONE, don’t do this. Never do this. Even if Justin Bieber is kind of the King of Slouchy and Low-Slung Pants, we don’t care.


mens fashion mistakes 3Oversized Belts

This kind of belt is only okay when you’re a girl from the 70s until the 90s. It’s time to throw this type of belt out of your life. This isn’t fashionable at all.


mens fashion mistakes 4Socks + Sandals Combo

If you want to wear socks, wear it with sneakers, trainers, rubber shoes, formal shoes, anything really. If you want to wear sandals, wear it without socks. Tell us what the point of wearing sandals is if you want them to be warm? Although back in the Roman Era, they used to wear socks with their sandals – but we’re not in the Roman Era anymore so stop it.


mens fashion mistakes 5Ill-Fitting Suits

Wearing loose suits and blazer will make you look like the picture above – like kids.


mens fashion mistakes 6Dad Jeans

If you’re a dad, this is totally acceptable. But if you’re a hot, mid-20s man with a scruffy face and pleasing personality, then stick to skinny jeans.


mens fashion mistakes 7Backward Sunglasses

Do you have eyes in the back of your head?


mens fashion mistakes 8Hemp Jewelry

This will only look cool and acceptable when you’re at the beach. The rest of the time you’re not at the beach, choose another type of jewelry.


mens fashion mistakes 9Fur

If guys hate girls wearing fur, well they most definitely will hate you for being a hypocrite – wearing fur? Does that make you cool? It will make you look cruel to animals.


mens fashion mistakes 10Cowboy hats and boots

Unless you’re going to the countryside, or a Halloween party, don’t wear cowboy attire. It’s simply just embarrassing.