A Guide to Men’s Denim Jeans

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A Guide to Men’s Denim Jeans

One item in men’s wardrobe that stands out above the rest are jeans. Only a man who doesn’t care about his appearance has no jeans.

Just like dogs, jeans are a man’s best friend. They’re very versatile and sturdy and if worn the right way, it can be very fashionable and modern.

Here’s a guide to men’s denim jeans.


jeans for men 1Trendsetter
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The trendsetter jeans are the bread and butter for those who are denim-obsessed. Style your denim jeans with the classic cuts and styles. You can easily pair yours with a denim shirt or striped shirt with sneakers.

Purchasing a pair of jeans is easy but buying the right pair is the tricky part.


jeans for men 2Classic 501
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Levi’s is the denim pioneers. Even though we think that French invented denim, it was Levi Strauss who made denim jeans very popular. The classic 501 is a slim cut pair that isn’t even tight. It has a great price, a great wash, a great cut and a great fit.

Always consider about the cut, wash, price and brand because it will always play a huge role in what your jeans should be that will fit your body shape.


jeans for men 3Rock Star
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The skinny jean isn’t for everyone but when worn, it will definitely give you a rock star vibe going on. Style yours with leather jacket, Chelsea boots and anything that’s black, really.
Always get yourself fitted out with a pair of proper jeans in stores just so you know what size you really are.


jeans for men 4Middle Man
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Tapered jeans are in – they make sure you don’t go too loose nor too tight. Pair yours with a sweater, a button up or and sneakers.


jeans for men 5Working Man
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Jeans that has a wide-fit leg – workwear jeans should be made of raw and selvedge denim.