A Classic French Icon: The Stylish “Beret”

The beret is making a comeback. That’s great news, because despite being an iconic fashion statement, the beret is also rather useful for covering up your ears. There are few things in the world that can manage to be both winning and coy, sentimental and modern, but the beret is one of them.

For those who don’t know, the beret is a soft hat, woven in one piece without a seam or bindings, and like many “classic” items of fashion has influences from the military, and is often still a part of modern military uniform.

When you think about a beret, there are several different styles that may come to mind. We are all aware of the military beret, which came into use because it was small enough to stay on soldiers’ heads as they climbed in and out of tanks. This type of beret was immortalized in the images of Che Guevara, and is still a staple of the uniform of many military units today. There is also the fancy-French-lady type of beret we have seen countless times in pop culture.

You can wear a beret in different ways to create a different look. They roll up small to stick in a bag or pocket to protect your locks from rain or wind and they come in a gazillion colours to match every outfit.

The beret is actually very, very old. Similar styles of headgear have been worn since pre Roman times. They are particularly associated into the 18th and the 19th centuries with the Basques around the Pyrenees with different colours being popular in different regions.

Squirrel Beret

squirrel beret

What to do if you just don’t have a hat head? Almost nothing is going to look good on you. You can pick up a very stylish squirrel to wear. This is likely to work.

A Beret for the Beanie Lover

beanie beret

Want to jump on the Beret trend but not quite ready to leave your beanie days behind you? Here’s a perfect beanie/beret you can try.

The Samuel Jackson Style


Samuel L. Jackson is often seen wearing a beret, and he looks good in it too. Try one yourself. Can you look as cool as him!

Retro Beret

retro beret

It’s time to experiment. Combine retro styling and DIY and make a beret for everyone in your family.

Wool Beret

wool beret

There is something magical about the way that berets are shaped out of one piece of wool. Some of them come with a lovely bow as well.

The Lace Beret

lace beret

Traditional berets often came with lace. Modern-day versions also feature them. That’s a modern take on your traditional beret.

The Fancy Pants Beret

the fancy pants beret

You have got to consider this if you are thinking about hats. It’s from Irish designer Philip Treacy.

The Princess Beret

princess beret

If you like Kate Middleton, you have to pick up this version of her royal beret that she wore for baby George’s christening.