9 Sustainable Fashion Buys For The Fall

Autumn is about to arrive soon on the East Coast at least. And so it is time to figure out what needs replenishing or replacing. That wool sweater that shrunk in the wash last February? It could be time for an upgrade.

You have to decide which items to buy soon to round out your wardrobe this season. May be, this time, you may want to go for ethical shopping. In other words, you can pick from only 100% organic products that are made by eco-conscious companies. Or brands that support an important social mission. This would certainly be a great change. You can tell everyone about your decision and show them how it is done.

Refined Sheath Dress for the Workplace

sheath dress

Try an organic cotton dress for the office. Every woman needs a gray power suit for her corporate wardrobe. Luckily, you will get one that is exactly right. It is simple, easy to accessorize, and leaves you feeling good and powerful. Choose a dress made from eco-friendly hemp.

Camel Coat

camel coat

Don’t you want to get this stunning coat? It should definitely be at the top of your fall wish list. The classic colour will never really go out of style. So you can wear it for a few years before you want something new. Choose a brand that uses sustainable practices from start to finish for every design.

Statement Bag

statement bag

You will get many beautiful bags with varied fall colours. They will look good hanging from the crook of your arm. Some of them are even completely vegan, that is, they are made from strictly animal-free materials. But somebody who doesn’t know can never guess it.

Warm Scarf


Nothing says fall like a beautifully bulky scarf. Try a light gray scarf, as it is going to match any fall jacket and would transition easily into the wintery months. You can select one from Noonday as they support adoption programs around the world.



Get a cosy sweater that is both comfortable and ethical. All you will need is a warm fire and a cup of hot cocoa. There are plenty of good designs and colours you can choose from.



Can you ever have too many pairs of jeans? Long length, dark wash, skinny… there can be so many types of denims. But probably, you don’t have a pair that is 80% made of recycled textiles. Don’t worry, as these denims are as comfortable and trendy as any other.

House Shoes

house shoes

Shoes for the home might not be the most flattering footwear you have ever seen, but you can’t dent that they look incredibly comfortable. They can look so cute as well. So why not add one to your wardrobe. You will get eco-conscious house shoes.

Waist Belt

waist belt

With all of the fall layering you are thinking of doing, what you need now is a nice waist belt to cinch it all together. This will make you look smart and cool.

Silk Top

silk tops

Speaking of layering, a good top will definitely look fantastic with reuse jeans and a belted chunky sweater. But make sure that your top is made from sustainable silk. And of course it has to be super comfortable as well.