9 Simple Fashion Hacks That Always Work

Yes, we don’t have the answers to all the mysteries of life. However, we do know one thing. When life gives you lemons, you must hack it good. From polishing dull shoes with household staples to removing that musty thrift store odor, here you will get some awesome super simple fixes for those sticky style problems. Just go through these amazing fashion hacks that can remove many of the problems you face all the time.

Get Rid of Vintage Aromas

storing clothes

Spray cheap vodka or distilled vinegar on your stored garments. Apply just a little bit. The odor is going to go away when the liquid evaporates. For stubborn musty smells, let your garment sit in a bag of baking soda for a day or two.

Maintaining Your Denim


How best can you preserve the color of your denim? Don’t use detergent. What you should do instead is soak it in cold water with one cup white distilled vinegar. Air dry after this. The vinegar will maintain your jeans. The odor will evaporate as they dry. They will continue to look nice and beautiful.

Deodorizing Shoes


You should always deodorize your shoes. And it’s very easy too. All you have to do is just keep a dry tea bag in each shoe. Leave them overnight and they are going to absorb the smell. Repeat if necessary.

Washing the Delicates


Use a salad spinner to get rid of the excess water from your swimwear. Just apply a dash of soap and give it a spin. Hang for a while for drying.

Too Much Perfume


Sometimes, we all spray too much perfume by accident. Don’t worry, as this too can be fixed. All you have to do is dab a cotton ball with makeup remover, and then apply this to your skin. Leave it for three minutes at least.

Soften Those Itchy Sweaters


Are the sweaters itching too much? You will be able to soften them easily by soaking the piece of clothing in warm water. Simply add one or two caps of hair conditioner. Let it sit for a while. Rinse well and air dry.

Touch Up Leather Handbags


Stains on your leather handbags can look very bad. They can completely ruin a perfectly fine handbag so much that you will feel ashamed to carry one the next time. Dip cheesecloth in white vinegar and dab on your leather bag. This spot-treatment is sure to remove those pesky stains.

Unstick Zippers


A stuck zipper is a tricky problem. It can go completely if you force it too much. Don’t worry as there is an easy fix for this one as well. Just rub a bar of soap or candle on the zipper teeth till you are able to pull it smoothly.

Remove Sweat Stains

sweat stains on white shirt

Sweat stains can be so yuk! More so on your white shirts. Don’t give up yet. Soak the stains for two to three hours in a mixture of two crushed aspirins in half cup warm water.