9 Fall Footwear That Makes You Fall in Love with the Cold Weather Right Now

Fall is coming. So it’s time to put the summer sandals away. Its time you started dreaming about all those textures, layers, and chunky heals.

If you are a shoe-obsessed shopper, you’ll know that the Fall wardrobe isn’t ever going to be complete unless you have a few amazing pair of boots. This includes some fall boots you will always want in your wardrobe like the everyday ankle boots that you can wear with everything, to those flirty over-the-knee styles, and the basic black boot. They are a must have. But every new season, you’ll certainly want some new things.

So it’s time to start your shopping again. Luckily, there is plenty to choose from. You will find a lot of fresh new styles to choose from, and in different colors as well to go with your fall clothing. It doesn’t matter whether you are in a tight budget or up for a boot binge. Hit the street in style with the latest fall boot trends.

We have compiled a list of fall footwear that you want to shop right now.

meet the midi

  1. Meet the Midi

This is an absolute must-have for the fall. Known for its mid-calf height that reaches slightly above the ankle, lets you show off those gorgeous legs. Makes you look like an effortless American cowgirl. It looks even better when you wear it with the midi-skirt. The footwear can be an excellent for those who are the trouser type. You will get more patterns and more texture. Get one with a heel.


  1. Oxfords

Can you ever say no to the Oxfords? Sure enough, these are oldies, but they are always in style. They are not your old-fartish. In fact, if anything, this footwear is just the opposite. Oxfords are feminine, classy and cute. Oxfords dress up any look. But they work best with a crop top and flowy skirt. You can try brown leather oxfords. There are other fascinating colors as well.

fur boots

  1. Fur Boots

There are always fur boots, an all-time favorite. You will surely agree that fur makes everything better, so you simply got to have at least one pair in your wardrobe. Rihanna wears fur boots all the time. Most others will of course wear them when the weather turns chilly. They can be really cute. You can wear with a t-shirt and jeans or a blouse and leather pants.

embellished boots

  1. Embellished Boots

This one is for the rebel. Many girls want this boot, but can’t get themselves up to actually buying one. Try one. There are many ways to wear it. This boot can easily be the one thing that makes your outfit shine. It’s fun, adventurous, bold, and perfect for the fall. So what are you waiting for?

buckled boots

  1. Buckled Boots

And then there are those who want something new for the fall, but cannot change their boot style. The buckle boot can be a safe bet if you cannot get yourself into buying embellished footwear. The buckle will add a little edge. You can easily make a style statement with one of these ones.

ankle boots

  1. Ankle Boots

This boot silhouette is extremely well known. This is your trusted day-to-day staple boot, which you can wear with every casual outfit. When you are shoe stumped, this is what will probably come to your mind first. The ankle boot saves your day. It’s time to upgrade. Get a new pair for the fall.

lace up

  1. Lace-Up

Yes, there’s no denying the fact that it can be a hassle getting into a lace-up boot. However still, they are definitely worth the effort. Make the laces match your boot, and you can appear sleeker and more versatile. Contrast the laces for tall boots – it looks awesome. Lace symbolizes sex appeal. So now you can let the shoe do the flirting.

ass kicker

  1. Ass Kicker

These are flat and chunky boots that will make you look like a badass, guaranteed. These boots are kind of 90’s, but they have always been trendy. You can wear one with virtually everything, from ripped jeans to pencil skirts. Then you can balance the look with a tough-girl jacket in denim or leather.

over the knees boots

  1. Over-the-Knee

These are your super-tall boots that is sure to make you look ridiculously sexy, in virtually any outfit. But they look particularly great with miniskirts, skinny jeans, and dresses that will leave just a little bit of your leg exposed between the boot and hem.