8 Ways to Wear All-Black-Everything

The color wheel spins in-and-out of trend every season. Depend on the darker tones if you are tired of wondering whether lemon and mauve go. Black is never the “color of the year”, but this is one color that will never let you down. It’s as happy at work as in the clubs. Besides, black won’t clash, won’t add pounds, and won’t tell tales when you pour a glass of Rioja down yourself.

Here are eight easy ways you can rock head-to-toe black this season.

Leather Trainers

leather trainers

You will find everyone wearing them, from the bubbling-up grime MC to the Hoxton art interns. All-black leather trainers are very popular. Their strongest asset is versatility, because they work with any suit, whether it is tailored or track, and with some additional benefits too. Leather is more hard-wearing than suede or canvas. You can try a sports brand – Reebok, Nike or Adidas.



A ‘proper’ watch is no longer the preserve of guys in pinstripe suits. Thanks to brands like Uniform Wares and Larsson & Jennings, the art of Swiss watch making has been given a fashion-led makeover. The black canvas works with everything in your wardrobe.



Do you think that what graces your feet in a morning doesn’t matter? Think again! A few decent pairs of black socks not just feels softer and warmer, but will also far outlast any bargain offer you may have found. It looks sophisticated too.

The Overcoat


You will find all kinds of shades out there. But the one in all-black always takes the crown. This winter essential leads a secretive double life. During the day, you can pair it perfectly with a suit to blend into the crowd, and by night, you can add that smart touch to your classic white-tee-and-jeans combo. There are decent alternatives too, such as dark grey and charcoal.

Hats or Caps


You may not ever set foot on a fishing boat, but the trawler man’s black beanie has graced many a dry man’s head. If you are a corporate nine-to-fiver, turning up with a rib knit cap is hardly professional. But during the weekend, it’s an entirely different matter. Even top level designers offer their own take.



So many of us are now going to work in a bike, that it’s become essential to have a quality rucksack. Try one that’s all-black. There are those car commuters who will also use this, because it looks very smart and trendy. You can use it daily, and can add to your style credentials. Some of them have a little bit of brown leather color too.

Leather Shoes

leather shoes

Every man must have a decent pair of leather shoes. They are perfect for the wedding, interview and all other formal occasions. Increasingly however, we are seeing a mixture of casual threads anchored with more traditional footwear.

Bomber Jacket

bomber jacket

There’s a reason why we keep seeing this season after season. It has become the go-to casual choice and, like any popular garment, has a price point to suit all. There are classic shapes, and oversized alternatives.