8 Styles Popular in College, But You Would Never Wear Today

College-age was a wonderful time, with all those skinny-strap tanks and boot-cut jeans. But sadly, you would never cut in them today. There are very few crossovers from the co-ed closet to a more polished adult version. What you should have in your closet at the age of 30 isn’t what you shop for at 18. Surely, you loved them in college, but their age shows when viewed with grown-up eyes.

Here is a list of clothes and accessories that we loved wearing in college but ditched somewhere on the road.

Hip Belts

hip belts

Belts are divine things, holding up pants and whittling waists for the ultimate in figure flattery. There is the wide hip version worn atop shirts and belt loops. However, the belt isn’t going to serve much purpose beyond pure adornment after the college days. It’s an embellishment worth skipping.

White Ribbed Tanks from the Men’s Department

white ribbed tanks

This is another classic for the college fashionista. And it’s from the men’s department. Intended as an undershirt for the guys, the basic white tank was a wardrobe building block bought in packs of three and stuffed into a dorm-room closet.

Trucker Hats

trucker hats

Blame it on Ashton Kutcher and the cool kids on Laguna Beach, but these mesh-backed snappers had a major 15-minutes-of-fame moment. They were cute, covered with cheeky phrases or pictures, and denoted the wearer as someone who liked to have fun.

Tube Tops

tube tops

Strapless tops weren’t even invented before 2000. But they became a rage, and were a college staple. Tubular in construction, they hung close to the body, and were acceptable for parties or study groups with jeans. But you are never going to look good in them at the age of 30 years.

Bubble Dresses and Skirts

bubble dresses and skirts

With elastic sewn into the hem, the silhouette was funky and flirty. They appealed immensely to college girls who always needed fun clothes. However the shape isn’t particularly flattering. So it’s time to change after growing up.

Ripped Denim Miniskirts

ripped denim miniskirts

Off-duty adult wear includes a versatile pair of skinny jeans in the same manner that co-ed style meant a heavy reliance on a ripped-up little denim mini. Everyone had one and they went with everything, from beat-up tees to silky going-out tops.

Large Sweatpants

large sweatpants

Settling into life outside the parental home isn’t easy. You test boundaries, and must sweat a lot. Today’s grown-ups are spending more time in leggings and workout gear than ever before, but never again shall we stuff our drawers with impossibly oversize sweatpants, worn low and with tattered cuffs. But these were very popular during the college days.

Popped Collars

popped collars

In the college days, guys and girls alike were popping collars everywhere. The real boundary-pushers layered two shirts and did a simultaneous pop. The affectation still shows up from time to time, but it’s never like those days anymore.