8 Must-Have Sunglass Styles for the Modern Man

Christmas is the season for giving and goodwill. But if you’ve ever had to buy a gift for a man, you will know that they can be the hardest person to find great Christmas presents for. And it becomes even more difficult if your man is a contemporary, style conscious kind of person. So what can you get for him?

Try sunglasses, if you still scratching your head over what to give your dad, brother or boyfriend this festive season. A sunglass can be the perfect solution to your present-buying problem. Sunglasses are the perfect gift for many reasons. They are cool and stylish. They are practical but luxurious. The chances of your man already having a similar pair are almost zero. There are plenty of shades to choose from.

Take a look at our top shade picks for modern men. You can easily find the perfect pair for him this year.

Aviator Glasses for the Cool Guy

aviator sunglasses

First up, we have a classic pair of aviators. If you know a guy who’s too cool, then you can be sure that they will love this stylish pair of shades. You will get them in many colors, but this blue and steel combo is among the best.

Dior Frames for the Designer Dude

dior homme mens sunglass

Do you know a man who wouldn’t be seen in anything other than the latest must-have label? If he loves his designer clothes, then he is going to surely go over the moon when he gets luxury designer frames like Dior Homme. These sophisticated sunglasses from Christian Dior come with round lenses and matte black frames.

Clear Frames

clear frame glasses

There is something effortlessly cool about clear frame sunglasses. Many brands offer classic sunglasses shapes and styles with clear or translucent-colored frames. These frames instantly update any look and add a touch of modern minimalist edge to whatever you wear.

Wrap-Around Shades for Men into Sports

wrap-around sports sunglasses

Here’s something if your man is a sports enthusiast – running, skiing or cycling. Give him a pair of aerodynamic, performance-enhancing glasses to suit the sports he is into. He is going to fall in love with these sporty and stylish glasses immediately.

Notch Bridge

notch bridge glasses

This sunglasses style became infamous during the late 1960’s. A notch in the bridge of the frames makes them unique. The look is classic, timeless, and reminiscent of the 60’s.

Round Shades for the Retro Man

round-framed retro sunglass

If your brother is into retro fashion and music, or your husband is kind of a hipster, then you can indulge their interest by gifting a pair of vintage-inspired round-framed glasses. John Lennon used to wear them himself. These round glasses are making a revival now, and would be a great Christmas present.

Futuristic Sunglasses for the Trend-Setter

futuristic sunglasses

Some men always like to be ahead of the trend. Finding a sunglass for them can be tricky, but you are sure to get something that’s just right. You can try one from Karl Lagerfeld. There are others too. He will love the contemporary and cool look.

Wooden Frames

wooden frame glasses

Phone cases, tie bars, watches and sunglasses are now being made of different varieties of wood. The look is unexpected, stylish and unique. From maple to mahogany to walnut to bamboo, there is just the thing that fits your style. These glasses are really innovative.