70s Fashion for Fall

70s trend for fall trend 11

Relish the return of looks from the 70s with suede skirts, draped blouses and shaggy coats. Shop the 70s style essentials with us by clicking the links below.


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Light-tone jeans with flared silhouette that has five-pockets and button closure. You can even sport this pair of jeans without looking too 70s by mixing it with a modern top. The light-wash blue is a nice color to complete a retro look or a modern look.


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Feminine, refined and cool, this white long-sleeve posey top was a statement piece in women’s wardrobe back in the day – pretty big on the prints. They wore it to the office and as casual wear. It’s making a comeback now and can be paired with just about anything, from boyfriend jeans to miniskirts.


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Wear a modern and feminine lace dress this fall. Try dark and bold colors instead of wearing bright and pastel ones. You can wear it with high heels, boots, even sandals for next summer. Back then, they used to pair their A-line shirt dress with stockings and high heels.


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Go crazy with abstract prints. The 70s were full of magical colors which worked whatever the season it is. Whether it’s a Victorian-inspired print or something that could look like your next living room wallpaper, go for it. Layer it with a cool outerwear then boots to achieve a more modernized look.


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Denim jacket will never go out of style. Look for a more stylish jacket – like this shearling jacket. Not only will it keep you warm from the cold, but it’s incredibly and effortlessly fashionable.


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Instead of denim skirts this fall, go for suede or a classy wool skirt. Just like your usual denims, this is very versatile considering the brown color which almost goes with a lot of things. Plus, it’s a very pretty fall color.


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Amp up your outerwear game by wearing a faux fur jacket. Back then, women only wore them for formal events but these days, you can wear this as a cool street-style look.


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Don’t say goodbye to your jumpsuit just yet. Jumpsuits are appropriate this fall as well.


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Anything made of suede with cascading fringe? That’s totally a fall trend you must never forget.