7 Ways To Wear Cashmere This Season

Cashmere is the thing to wear in the cold winter. It is warm and soft to handle. It looks very sophisticated and trendy, and is yet very comfortable to wear as well. No wonder, cashmere is so popular around the world. But that buttery feel is synonymous with cost, since the fibers are plucked from the bellies of the eponymous goat. They must then be separated from the coarser outer hair it’s mingled with. This takes time. And of course, more the luxury and time, the more you will have to pay for it.

However cashmere is an investment and it’s worth it. Cashmere is finer than sheep’s wool. This makes it softer and traps air, and so you have more warmth. Which means that, you can outflank bulky silhouettes.

You don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune on cashmere. There are other ways you can introduce a touch of luxury to your wardrobe this season.


cashmere overcoat

Get a cashmere overcoat. It adds a relaxed elegance to a sometimes bulky piece of outerwear because of those heat-trapping fibers. The overcoat will also offer a visual contrast to your winter tailoring. But beware – it is so soft that people won’t be able to keep their hands off you. Just check the weather forecast. Cashmere sucks up rain and can lose its shape when it dries.

Cashmere Pyjamas

cashmere pyjamas

Bedtime just got a whole lot more luxurious. These pyjamas are so comfortable that you might want to go to bed as soon as you wear them. They are going to regulate your temperature, so you are going to feel warm on a cold wintry night. However, they will stay cool once you have slipped between the sheets. They are machine washable too.

100% Cashmere Jumper

cashmere jumper

Keep it simple when you are selecting premium knitwear. Stick to easy-to-wear shades that suit any occasion. You can wear a soft blue with pared-back denim, boots and a bomber jacket. It will keep you toasty, and the outfit will look good on you.

Cashmere Scarf

cashmere scarf

A scarf is a practical addition to the winter outfit. But sometimes they can cause itchy necks. Put an end to these woes with one made of cashmere. You deserve a little bit of luxury in your life. Wear with tailoring to bring in some color and texture into an otherwise staid office looks.

Knit Wool & Cashmere Blend Roll Neck

knit wool and cashmere blend roll neck

If you are up for going chunky this season, be sure to give this sophisticated roll neck. Wool brings texture to the table, while cashmere keeps things cozy. It also creates a sleeker silhouette. Slip it under a simple tweed blazer and match with dark, slim denim for a winning smart-casual combination.

Cashmere Hat

cashmere hat

Remember, cashmere will give you more insulation than standard sheep’s wool. It’s thus a good idea to go for it where you need it the most – your head. The hat will feel soft against your skin. It will keep the warmth in.

Cashmere Tailored Blazer

cashmere tailored blazer

A cashmere blazer will offer softness without sacrificing hardiness. You can wear it to the office or to dinner. Wherever and however you wear it, the weave will add a distinct heritage feel.