7 New Ways To Wear Your Old Sweaters

Now that we are in the middle of sweater season, our number one priority is to stay warm. Which of course means that our coziest sweaters are in heavy rotation and they are possibly beginning to feel like old news. Overuse will certainly have its effects, even on the best sweaters. The problem is, how many new ones can you possibly buy every year? Not many of course.

Then there is the issue of boredom as well. How many times have you worn the same sweater with the same pair of pants in the exact same way? Chances are, you are bored with your sweater outfits already. Come mid-February, you are going to be giving that cashmere cardigan the side-eye anyway, so it’s time to take matters into your own hands. The fact is, everyone’s favorite sweater is one of the most overlooked styling tools in our little bag of tricks. Yes, luckily, you can wear the old sweater in new ways.

Here are some tips for you.

Sweater With Vintage Brooches

sweater with vintage brooches

You can pin a mishmash of vintage brooches around the neckline of any sweater to dress it up. However it is best to stay clear of cashmere!

Crew-Neck Sweater with Oversized Necklace or Brooch

crew-neck sweater with necklace or brooch

Another option is to liven up your basic crew-neck sweater with a brooch or oversized necklace. You may then cinch the waist with a matching skinny belt. You are sure to look good in this outfit.

The Everyday Look

the everyday look

What can you do every day during the winter between nine and five, at the place of your work? You may layer a sweater over a button-down and under a high-waisted skirt.



Any sweater looks more stylish with a chambray shirt layered underneath. This is the perfect way to add another element to a typical sweater and jeans outfit while remaining casually cool. Roll up the sleeves of your chambray shirt a couple of times, and then push them up to your elbows. Let the shirt hang out of the bottom of your sweater for an effortlessly polished look that’s slightly undone.

Lots of Layers


Just because you have to wear a bulky winter coat every day, doesn’t mean you can’t wear a light, chic jacket underneath as part of your outfit. While a cropped jean jacket or moto jacket would look great, varsity jackets are where it’s at for spring. The retro silhouette, fun colors and old-school vibe make the varsity jacket the perfect layering piece to breathe new life into your old sweaters.

Sweater With Neck Scarf

sweater with neck scarf

To add texture to a monochromatic look, tie on a neck scarf in the same color. Pair with dainty costume jewelry. A combination of a choker and a pendant will do the trick.

Tuck Your Sweater

tuck your sweater

Treat your sweater like you would a blouse and tuck it into the high-waisted paints or skirts. It will create shape, show off your figure and provide a boost of confidence that hiding under a billowy sweater tends to take away.