6 Ways to Wear Leggings as Pants

Supermodels have their own signature off-duty staple. You will see Joan Smalls in cutoffs, Gigi Hadid in crop tops and Kate Moss in rock band t-shirts. Kendall Jenner loves leggings. She has quite a few of them in her wardrobe.

There was a time when leggings used to be a casual loungewear staple like sweatpants. However Kendall has turned them into versatile pieces. Thanks to her, you can now wear them in all types of ways. You can wear one too with heels, a fur jacket, or a bomber jacket just like her. There are plenty of styling opportunities. Here are some ways you can wear leggings as pants, just like Kendall Jenner.

High-Rise Leggings with Long Coat

high-rise leggings with long coat

Play with proportions and team high-rise leggings with a longer coat. Then there are leather leggings that are perfect when you want to style with dressier pieces, like an oversized pinstripe blazer. You are sure to look great in one.

Leggings with a Bold Print

leggings with bold print

Are you feeling bold? You can up the ante with a pair of leggings that feature a bold print or sheer-panelled design.

Leggings with Black Turtleneck

leggings with black turtleneck

When wearing leggings as pants, match them with a black turtleneck. This outfit is going to elongate your frame as well.

Leggings with Black Ankle Boots

leggings with black ankle boots

Create the illusion of mile-long legs by pairing your leggings with black ankle boots. It makes you look very trendy.

Leggings with Jacket

leggings with leather jacket

You may pair your leggings with a leather jacket and sunglasses for a cool rocker edge. A faux fur coat, a designer bag and sunglasses will make your leggings feel instantly polished. These are great looks too. Or else, you can wear a bomber jacket for that perfect sporty vibe.

Leggings with Pumps

leggings with pumps

Have you ever tried wearing leggings with pumps? It’s the perfect way to dress up like the iconic 80s look.

Just answer these 4 questions before wearing leggings as pants…

1. Can you see through the leggings?

see through leggings

It is going to look really bad if you can see through the leggings. So don’t wear.

2. Have you seen anyone wear an outfit similar to yours?

If you haven’t, it’s best to snap a picture and send it to your most honest female friend for some real feedback. Listen to whatever advice she gives you. After all, you don’t want people to snap your pictures when you are out there.

3. Does your top cover both your front and butt?

You cannot flash the front or the back for the sake of an outfit.

4. What kind of shoes are you wearing?

leggings with shoes

Basically, the only acceptable shoes when you are wearing leggings as pants are flats and boots. Unless the outfit is part of a costume, you cannot wear heels when sporting leggings as pants. It’s important to remember this. You also cannot wear UGGs.