6 Types of Bags Every Woman Should Always Have

It is time to be honest with yourself? How many handbags do you have? How many are stuffed in all those little hiding places all around your home? May be there’s a bag under the bed, may be some of them are in the old shoe boxes. All of us have quite a few of them, and there are girls who have even forgotten about some of their handbags. Of course, the ones you actually use are in easy access places, but the rest could be stored away out of sight and out of mind, never to be worn again.

The truth is, all you really need are 6 essential bag types, one of each if you’re keeping it minimal, to have on hand for every occasion.

Here are 6 types of bags every woman should own. Just get one or two from each type and you are ready. That’s all you need.


crossbody bag

The crossbody bag is a must-have because it is amazingly wearable and comfortable. Hands-free shopping, train commuting, coffee-down-the-street-carrying – really, the possibilities are endless. As you can see, you can use this bag in all types of places. If you expect to have your hands full on a certain day, you need one of these.

Day Clutch

day clutch bag

You may also call this simply the brunch bag, for those days when you are only going to be out for a couple of hours and really don’t need to carry all that extra handbag with you. Of course, a sequined clutch could be cute, on occasion. But mostly you will just want something that’s casual and easy to grab on-the-go.


weekender bag

The weekender isn’t just for impromptu trips to the shore. This large bag doubles in a pinch as other bag types you need in your daily life. For example, it could be your gym bag, the grocery bag, the diaper bag and, of course, the carry-on bag that takes the place of your purse and allows you to haul more stuff with you under your seat on the plane.

Evening Clutch

evening clutch bag

This has got to be a favourite type, as it is so cute. You need only one or two of these in a neutral shade that goes with all your dressy looks.

Structured Day Tote Bag

day tote bag

This is the bag you need to take with you to work. Buy a large one if you have to carry tablets and laptops, files and papers. Buy a medium-sized one if you have got your basic cell, makeup, magazine stash, and such others. Get it in classic colours and you will never have to worry your bag doesn’t match your look.

Just for Fun

fun bag

This is your quirky bag, one that you might want to take some time. It can be any shape or structure you choose really. But the most fun ones are usually in the evening category. Get something that really stands out for your style.