6 Tips How To Make Your Style More Clear, Look Different, And Stay On A Budget

We, women, always want and look for something different in your style and closet. But this eternal search for something new, might also mean huge spendings. Well, not always!

new style

In fact, some budget fashionistas have discovered a few ways how you can make an entirely different style of yours without going over budget! Don’t believe me? Then check those six tips I gathered and begin the raid of your closet!

Choose your style icon

choose your style icon

Perhaps you are fascinated by one or another famous actress or singer’s style? You can definitely use their style as a working style inspiration for you. Of course, there is no need to copy the entire style or to buy the same clothes – you can always wear something you love and mix it with those few styles elements you borrowed from fashionable celebrities. This way you can create your own unique style!

To be fair, if you are looking for the best celebrity inspiration, you should try to choose the one, with the similar body shape or even height like you. Otherwise, some style details might not work for you.

Don’t be afraid to invest a bit more in major pieces

invest in major pieces

If you buy a set of fast fashion clothing, you will be trendy, but not stylish. You can win much more by investing in essential purchases and sparing them no money.

Better buy an excellent quality little black dress, a skirt which fits you perfectly and highlights your best features, good fabric T-shirt or a pair of neatly fitting trousers. These purchases will always be easy to mix and match with other items you have, and if they fit very well – you will look marvelous with them.

Of course, investing in designer-made classical clothing might not be super budget friendly, but there are always some ways how you can make that happen. One of my favorite ones, especially when I shop online, is discount codes and online coupons to shop at JCPenney. With these miracle-making coupons, even the priciest high-quality clothing will be cheaper. Therefore, investing in them will be a bit easier for sure.

Try a new hairstyle

try a new hairstyle

Even if you don’t want to commit to significant changes (hair cutting or changing color), you can still regenerate and try at least different hair grooming options, especially if you have long hair which is easy to style. So, if you always used to wear your hair in a ponytail, maybe right now you can start braiding your hair?

On the other hand, if you kind of want to renew your hair, but still don’t want to dye them entirely, definitely try out coloring just a few highlights. It will bring more visual interest to your hair, and can actually accentuate your face features pretty well too.

Update your accessories’ boutique

update your accessories boutique

A new handbag, belt, scarf or earrings are sometimes just enough that it takes to update your style without opening your wallet that much.

Big changes can also be brought by new high-heels, especially if you are not very crazy about them and usually preferred other types of shoes. To be fair, once you start wearing any gorgeous high heels, you will not only look but also feel much more stylish and more self-confident. So maybe it is time to update your accessories too?

Work with your eyebrows

try on new eyebrows

You would be amazed when you will see how much your appearance may change, because of such small changes like newly done eyebrows. Maybe you were doing yours wrong for the whole time, or maybe you just got bored of the same old shape?

When visit a good specialist, who will find the most appropriate form and will highlight your eyebrows so great, you will look like the entirely different person! The best part is that usually getting your eyebrows professionally done do not cost that much, so this is one of the easiest and budget-friendliest makeover you can do!

Experiment with makeup

experiment with makeup

You think you know exactly which colors are right for you, and which aren’t? You can’t be sure of that until you test every single shade of eye shadows, lipsticks and, eyeliners.

Therefore, start experimenting with shadows, lip gloss or lipstick colors at first in front of the mirror, and then with your friends. Who knows, maybe you will find something truly amazing and will change your style for good?