6 Reasons Why Prescription Glasses Are Cooler Than Ever

Gone are the days when glasses were seen as a necessity or even an eyesore. These days, prescriptions glasses are one of the hottest accessories around. Countless celebrities, models and fashionistas rock their specs with pride. Those with perfect 20/20 vision are seen wearing them as well.

There’s never been a better time to be a glasses wearer. There’s an almost unlimited choice of shapes and colours, from designer glasses to budget-friendly frames.

Here are six reasons why glasses are cooler today than ever before.

For the Vintage Vibe

vintage prescription glasses

Once, vintage fashion was a bit of a niche reserved only for those who wore poodle skirts and victory rolls. But now, it’s mainstream fashion. Whether you shop actual vintage or just love retro-inspired fashion, glasses are an easy and cool way to add that vintage vibe to an outfit. From cat eye frames to Audrey Hepburn-inspired over-sized glasses, there’s vintage style frames everywhere.

From the Catwalk

model in glasses

Miu Miu, Gucci, Burberry, Celine, Dior, Christian LaCroix… the list of designers who have launched their own range of glasses goes on forever. Chanel has launched huge eyewear campaigns featuring famous faces such as Kristen Stewart. Glasses have got the cool nod of approval.

The Geek Chic Look

geek with prescription glasses

Nobody wanted to look like a nerd once. But now, the geek chic look is in demand. A great pair of prescription glasses is essential for the geek chic style. It should preferably be thick rimmed, wayfarer style glasses, but browline and cat eye frames work too for that sexy but sweet appeal.

The Hipster Must-Have

hipster glasses

No one knows cool quite like the hipsters. You won’t see many without a pair of glasses on their face, and the beard of course. These quirky individuals love anything that looks a bit different and a little retro-inspired such as round framed glasses, but thick black spectacles are a hipster essential too.

Celebrities Love Them

celebrity prescription glasses

Celebrity fashion has always dictated what’s cool. While a few years ago, many short-sighted celebs would opt for contact lenses, now, everyone in Hollywood is donning a pair of specs whether they need them or not. Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez are regularly spotted wearing glasses while Anne Hathaway and Rashida Jones even wear them on the red carpet.

A Fabulous Fashion Accessory

prescription glasses fashion

No matter how much thought you put into an outfit, nothing completes an ensemble quite like an accessory. Just like a cute handbag or a stylish scarf, glasses are a great way to add a perfect finishing touch that turns your look from drab to fab.

As you can see, glasses don’t just offer practical benefits by helping you see better. Whether you love vintage styles or fashion-forward frames, wearing a pair of glasses will give you that instant cool factor like nothing else can.